DemixMine bills itself as a “cloud-based cryptocurrency mining investment opportunity” that allows individuals to invest anywhere from $1 to $100,000 to earn up to a 5% daily ROI on invested funds. DemixMine also offers an affiliate recruitment opportunity as well.

What Is DemixMine?

There's no information regarding who owns DemixMine. The site is devoid of any contact address or phone number, there are no names listed as founders or executives, and the site registration itself is anonymous, revealing only that the site was registered in March of 2017.

Clues to where DemixMine might be hosted out of includes a Russian language option on the main site and Alexa site info data revealing the majority of its traffic comes from Russia. We might not know exactly who's behind the website, but we're reasonably certain they're Russian based on that data.

DemixMine Product

DemixMine offers five different investment tiers, divided by the amount invested:. $1-10 > 3% daily

$1-$10  – 3% daily ROI
$11-$100 – 3.5% daily ROI
$101-$1000 – 4% daily ROI
$1001-$10,000 – 4.5% daily ROI
$10001-$100000 – 5% daily ROI

Investors can deposit funds in USD from a payment processor like Paypal or from any major cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Withdrawals are limited to once a day at a minimum of $1, though DemixMine encourages investors to reinvest their gains in order to progress towards the next ROI tier.

DemixMine Opportunity

DemixMine also rewards investors for recruiting new members. The recruitment scheme, which doesn't require affiliates to be an investor, provides 12% commissions on funds deposited by direct recruits and 5% commissions on second-tier recruits.

As an added bonus, every affiliate who signs up a direct recruit also receives an additional $0.10 in their DemixMine investment account.

DemixMine Verdict

DemixMine wants its would-be investors to believe that the company is involved in “cloud cryptocurrency mining” and is somehow able to provide a steady 3% to 5% daily ROI based on this activity. This is, of course, a ridiculous claim, especially since DemixMine offers absolutely zero proof that it's running a successful cloud mining pool.

The truth is that DemixMine couldn't possibly back up its claims. That's because what it's trying to do – generate ROI from deposited funds by mining cryptocurrency – is completely impossible.

Crypto mining simply doesn't work that way. If DemixMine said it was trading crypto on exchanges that would be one thing, but even then the digital currency exchanges are too volatile for a guaranteed daily ROI.

Besides that, real mining pools don't require a monetary investment. Instead, members provide their time and computing power. Cryptocoins like Bitcoin are mined by putting computers to work at solving complex math equations – the more time spent working on these equations, the more digital currency is generated.

So what is DemixMine doing with all the money that's being invested in it? Well, some of it goes to pay off its affiliates for recruiting others. Some of it goes towards the occasional investor that pulls some of their “earnings” out. The rest just gets stockpiled for the day that the amount of money coming in through new investors isn't enough to cover the amount of money that members want to pull out of the “investment” scheme.

At this point, DemixMine ceases all payments, takes the money it's gathered from all its investors, and disappears into the Russian wilderness. You'll likely never see a single cent of your investment ever again unless you count the money being funneled into KGB attempts to hack an upcoming election.

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