My Smart Phone Payz (MSPP) is a website based income system that claims to provide users with opportunities to earn revenue over the internet.

The Company

There is little to no information regarding who actually runs MSPP, which is a troubling sign. The identity of the listed website owner is private, and the only address information for the company behind MSPP is hidden deep in the boilerplate Privacy Policy. This address leads to an office space rental establishment in New Mexico, specifically to a website hosting service that likely manages the MSPP website for an unnamed client and is not directly involved in the business.

The only other information regarding any of the company's associations are the one promotional video on the MSPP website. Uploaded by a YouTube account known as Omni Tech, the video is one of several “make money from home” videos. The channel seems inactive, with the last video posted a year ago.

The Product

MSPP claims to offer a product or service that can “[turn] your smartphone or computer into a digital money machine.” How MSPP does this is inherently unclear, as the advertorial nature of their web site is long on claims of being able to make tens of thousands of dollars a month but is short on how the MSPP program works.

In order to discover more information about the product, we entered our personal details into MSPP's online information request form, which provided us with an error message and then redirected us to, a free internet coupon service. There is no mention of MSPP on this site, and it does not seem to be affiliated in any way.

The Opportunity

There seems to be no legitimate opportunity associated with MSPP, or none that can be accessed readily without signing up for some product or service first.


MSPP is almost certainly a scam, designed to separate credulous individuals from their money by promising untold wealth and riches simply for working out of the comfort of your home. It is strongly recommended that you do not pursue any opportunities presented to you through MSPP or any affiliated site.

There is no ownership information available regarding MSPP. Its use of video from a source that has been accused of being a scammer is also a mark against it. If this is not enough to dissuade you, the composition of the website itself can also act as a deterrent.

The MSPP site is designed to look like an internet news site, but this is a clever ruse that is sometimes employed by internet scammers to provide an undeserved sheen of legitimacy to their latest con. More than a cursory glance at the MSPP web page will reveal that the site is a complete fabrication, down to the comments left on the supposed “news” story.

The scam unravels after a reverse image search of just one of the user images associated with the first comment on this site. All of the so-called “profile pictures” are taken from stock image galleries and are re-used across a multitude of different websites featuring the same layout but targeted towards different audiences around the world. Amazingly, all the comments are fluent in several different languages and all post in the same order, using the same exact profile pictures and leaving similar or even identical comments.

Please do not give the individuals behind MSPP any of your money. You are unlikely to be successful after enrolling in whatever program they are offering, if they are indeed offering something tangible and not just looking to con you out of your hard-earned money. There are plenty of legitimate affiliate marketing companies out there with which you can get involved that will provide you with real opportunities to earn additional income.

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