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Recruit More Direct Referrals (or Direct Refs for short) is a training manual to help individuals learn how to recruit direct referrals to a particular pay-to-click (PTC) website.

What Is Direct Refs?

Direct Refs is the creation of one David Pate, who registered the website in December of 2016. The listed registration address, however, seems to be a stretch of undeveloped forestland in the middle of Tennessee, just south of Nashville.

There's no indication that the registration information was entered incorrectly by accident or on purpose.

Pate has several social media profiles on Facebook, all of which list him as the owner-operator of The PTC Place, a pay-to-click marketing website. PTC Place is also registered to Pate, providing an address on the same road of the registration of Direct Refs but at a different street number.

The Product

Direct Refs is an eBook that aims to teach marketers how to increase direct referrals through several different techniques that Pate says he has used himself in promoting his PTC Place website.

The 80-page eBook is divided into five sections in the following manner:

  • The Basics of Paid to Click Websites
  • Recruiting Direct Referrals (15 ways)
  • Information you NEED to know
  • Maintaining your Direct Referrals
  • Tips

The eBook is available for $9.99 through ClickBank. A digital evaluation copy of the first chapter, The Basics of Paid to Click Websites, is available for free from the Direct Refs site.

The Opportunity

Pate offers an affiliate marketing opportunity for promoting Direct Refs. Affiliates can earn 50% commission rates from every referred sale of the product, with ClickBank handling all details of the transactions. Becoming a ClickBank affiliate is free.

Pate provides excellent support for affiliates in the form of several banner ads of different sizes and dimensions. He also states that he will be adding additional resources as time goes on.


Upon perusing the Direct Refs site, the PTC Place website, and conducting background research on Pate, we can't help but be a bit impressed by this young internet marketing entrepreneur and his earnest, honest nature.

His sites are registered using his own name, which he uses prominently in his marketing of his products, providing a high level of transparency that's all too often missing from online direct sales pages. His honesty is rewarding.

Pate has been involved in PTC marketing since about 2015 – and judging from the profile picture on one of his Facebook pages, this is likely around when he graduated from college.

He is therefore relatively young, but he seems to have plenty of drive and a dedication to honest, legitimate online marketing endeavors that are frankly endearing. This makes us want to support him and give him a fair shake.

The entry level price of just $9.99 shows us that Pate is not looking to cash in on an eBook he simply threw together but is starting out small at the beginning of his career.

Offering 50% commissions through an affiliate program is also generous, as this reduces his profit margin considerably on a product that is already bargain priced.

The product Pate is offering is likely to be a legitimate effort on his part, and may represent real value to anyone interested in becoming involved in PTC marketing; with a low price of just $9.99 there's no worries of being ripped off or oversold, after all.

From a promotional perspective, the low ticket price and the subject of the eBook both mean that it's not going to make an affiliate that chooses to market the product exceedingly wealthy. Of course significantly high sales volume could provide a modest amount of secondary marketing income.

We would give Pate and his product a chance, even if just to show him that the affiliate marketing world has a place for earnest (and honest) young men looking to make a name for themselves.

Regardless of whether his product will help your own marketing efforts, a sale or two will certainly help his.


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