direct selling book

The Direct Selling Book is an eBook guide, marketed specifically towards women who are interested in making secondary income by delving into the world of direct sales.

What Is Direct Selling Book?

There's no way to identify who is behind Direct Selling Book. The website offers no clues as to who might have written the book or who's marketing it, and the website's registration yields no information either, thanks to the site owners using a private domain name registration service.

The only thing we do know for certain that the site was registered in November of 2016.

Direct Selling Book Product

Direct Selling Book is a digital download that purports to provide information to women looking to become involved in one of many direct sales companies.

The site's copy mentions woman-centric opportunities such as LuLaRoe, Mary Kay, and Jamberry as just a few of the direct sales companies that the book will provide information about.

The entire eBook retails through ClickBank for a one-time fee of $17. The website copy claims there are no other hidden costs or fees associated with the product.

Direct Selling Book Opportunity

The Direct Selling Book, in addition to being available for direct purchase, also represents an affiliate marketing income earnings opportunity.

However, the affiliate page for the product has little to no useful information regarding what the terms are for individuals looking to promote the product as affiliates.

There is a single banner ad provided to help affiliates market Direct Selling Book, plus a few lines of the demographic being targeted (women over 25).

The biggest and most egregious thing that's missing from the affiliate page is the proposed commission rate for marketing the book on behalf of the company.

Without any way of knowing what kind of commission one can earn from selling their product, the company behind Direct Selling Book seems determined to shoot themselves in the foot.

Direct Selling Book Verdict

Direct Selling Book seems like a poor opportunity from the start, both for affiliates and those looking to become soldiers, due to the extreme lack of information regarding the project.

The first red flag is that there's no information regarding who's created this product.

Such a lack of transparency is almost a sure sign that whoever's behind a particular product doesn't believe in it, is trying to cash in using a substandard product, is trying to scam as wide a range of individuals as possible, or is trying to protect their identity so they face no repercussions if they run off with your hard-earned cash.

Whether this is the case with Direct Selling Book remains to be seen. There haven't been any complaints lodged against it yet, but let's be honest here – any company that's not proud enough to stand behind their product in a public manner is probably up to something.

Whatever is going on here is certainly suspect in some way.

Next, we come to the fact that this book is purportedly teaching individuals how to become direct sales associates for a number of well-known companies, and is charging a fee for the knowledge.

Meanwhile, there are many free resources over the internet that anyone can avail themselves of to get the same information; at the same time, many of these direct sales companies are free to join as an associate, which makes us feel the $17 purchase price for this product is a bit overpriced.

Finally, even if you wanted to become an affiliate and market this product, there's no information regarding how much you're going to receive in commissions.

This is just sloppy work, and makes us feel like this site – and product – were both thrown together in a hurry by someone to attempt to cash in on the popularity of direct sales operations today.

We would not recommend this product, for all of the above reasons. You'll be better off simply spending some time searching the internet for free direct sales information rather than paying for the privilege.

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