dotbizpro waszupp global

DotBizPro is an educational website that shows you how to earn money by the products they offer. The site has several different eBooks that you can download to get an idea of how to earn from different revenue streams.

What Is DotBizPro Waszupp Global?

According to the site, Mr. Ash H. Sahib is listed as the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of the site as well as the company in whole. The biography that is posted on the site explains how Mr. Sahib has several years of experience in network marketing. It goes on to say how he has built a lasting brand with more than 40,000 distributors over the course of 20 years.

When you look for information about DotBizPro you will find the company has a Facebook page and other social media profiles. You will also find information on Mr. Sahib and his many sales organizations.

DotBizPro Waszupp Global Product

DotBizPro offers several eBook courses to its members. The eBooks that you will find consist of how to trade on the Forex market, binary options trading, social media, and SEO. The downloadable eBooks all revolve around building an online presence and making money through your own website.

In order to get your hands on the many different eBook training courses, you have to pay for the membership to DotBizPro. There are two packages that you can pick from. The first package is the VIP which runs $175. The second is Royal which costs $500. There is no information about the different packaging plans.

DotBizPro Waszupp Global Opportunity

You can sign up with one of the membership packages and begin promoting DotBizPro. Now, according to the site, there are 15 different ways you can earn money from the comfort of your home. The site doesn't go into much detail about these streams of revenue. It does state however that you can earn 100% to 150% match bonus earned through your downline. It also states that the site is set up in a 5×7 matrix system with bonuses and $500 “Lifestyle Bonus” every month.

DotBizPro Waszupp Global Verdict

There is something about this site that just does seem to add up. Sure, the site offers educational products for its members, but it doesn’t offer them for retail. The fact that the site doesn’t go into detail about how you are to earn the different streams of income yet promises you can make $750,000 every month. Just exactly how this happens is unclear since the products aren’t for sale.

Plus the site doesn’t tell you if the cost of membership is a one-time payment or ongoing. Granted if the membership is ongoing, that would explain the high monthly income you could get by recruiting people to join up.

The products that are listed for download may help you get an understanding about Forex trading, binary options, SEO and other things. However, it seems a bit odd that an educational site would have a matrix system in place for its members. Another thing is off is how there are two membership plans for you to pick from, but the site doesn’t explain the pros and cons of each plan. What makes one better than the other? There are just too many questions that come up when looking over the site and not enough answers.

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