double cash

Double Cash is, quite literally, a simple “cash doubler” MLM recruitment scheme.

What Is Double Cash?

There's zero information regarding who runs the Double Cash website. The site itself, which was registered in December of 2016, was done so anonymously through the use of a private domain registration website.

This prevents us from being able to provide any information on the administrators of this site whatsoever.

Double Cash Product

Double Cash has no products or services on offer. Joining Double Cash as a member offers only one option: marketing and promoting membership to others in order to earn money.

Double Cash Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Double Cash is to literally double your investment – provided you recruit enough new members to do so.

Individuals become new members by paying $5 into the system. Once this payment is accepted, members are presented with an affiliate link to market and promote; for every 5 direct recruits, a sponsor receives $10.

Once this occurs, members have the option of re-investing to double their money once again. Additionally, members can buy multiple $5 positions and recruit individuals for all these positions. Commissions are paid monthly.

Double Cash Verdict

There are plenty of affiliate marketing schemes out there that can offer relatively safe investment opportunities. Double Cash, sadly, is not one of them.

In its favor, this is possibly the simplest and most straightforward MLM recruitment scheme we've ever stumbled across – pay $5, recruit 5 people, get $10. Its lack of complexity makes it easy to grasp and will likely appeal to a wide range of would-be investors.

That being said, just because Double Cash is a ridiculously simple cash doubler MLM recruitment scheme doesn't mean that it's not any less of a scam. Let's be honest here – you pay $5 to enter into the system. Essentially, $2 of that $5 goes to your direct sponsor.

The other $3 disappears into the ether, never to be seen again – or it would, if it didn't go directly into the pockets of the Double Cash admin, whoever they are.

In fact, it's only the nameless admin that is guaranteed to make any money with this scheme.

Not only do they receive $3 of every $5 put into the system, they also likely have pre-loaded positions in the company where they're the direct sponsor for early adopters into the program – in other words, they receive the full $5 from anyone at the top of a chain, and they continue to receive the full $5 from these members every time they re-enter the matrix with a new position.

Meanwhile, the only way to earn a return on your investment as a lowly member of Double Cash is to recruit like mad. You need to find 5 people for each cycle you start, and since you buy positions at just $5 you'll need to open multiple cycles at the same time to make any significantly sized ROI.

Sooner or later you're bound to run out of new people willing to be recruited, as every new recruit starts their own quest to recruit 5 people in turn to double their own investment.

The more people you recruit, the more members there are actively recruiting, and soon competition will become so fierce that the available pool of potential recruits will be exhausted.

The result will be the entire Double Cash system screeching to a halt. Recruitment will die off and you will essentially lose the money you just invested – though anyone above you will be able to keep it.

Since the anonymous admins of Double Cash are essentially the last stop up the chain, they'll keep the cash they've collected and then disappear into the night, ready to find some other group of credulous rubes to fleece under a different scheme at a different website.

Do yourself a favor and forget about trying to make some quick cash using Double Cash. As we've demonstrated, you're unlikely to make much money in the long run after it becomes too difficult to find new recruits, leaving yourself high and dry.

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