downshifting to happiness

Downshifting to Happiness (DtH) is a self-actualization course designed to provide a mindset and life geared towards what is truly important – happiness – with a focus away from chasing profit.

What Is Downshifting to Happiness?

DtH is founded by husband-and-wife team Phil and Eileen Good, who live approximately an hour and a half outside of Melbourne, Australia in the small town of Yarragon.

The Product

The core DtH product is an ebook written by Phil and Eileen Good entitled “Downshifting Your Way to a Happier, Simpler, Stress-Free Life!” The ebook is available through ClickBank for a one-time payment of $27 USD.

The ebook covers several different topics, including the following:

  • How to follow your own dreams instead of the dreams of others
  • 3 simple ways to define yourself
  • Reconditioning yourself to live instead of simply survive
  • Proven steps to re-energize your sense of focus and motivation
  • Strategies for overcoming peer pressure to conform to society
  • Tips for gathering necessary resources live comfortably
  • Easy monthly budgeting guidelines and ways to reduce essential utility costs
  • Debt consolidation methods
  • General money-saving household tips

The Opportunity

DtH also offers an affiliate sales opportunity to anyone interested in marketing the DtH ebook. The affiliate scheme pays 65 percent commission on all sales, with payment and processing handled through ClickBank.

This provides customers with the security of ClickBank's proven 60-day money back guarantee and affiliates with the knowledge of ClickBank's proven track record in providing infrastructure for countless affiliate programs.

DtH offers additional support to its affiliates with a large number of advertising and marketing materials.

This includes images that can be used to promote the DtH product, banner ads, and strategies for internet marketing campaigns designed to drive traffic to the DtH site and convert that traffic into sales.


Affiliate marketing campaigns through ClickBank have traditionally been about as successful as the product itself; if you are marketing a product with perceived value, and you market it effectively, you are likely to see positive results.

This means that the core of any successful affiliate campaign relies on the quality of the product.

Overall, the DtH product is likely to be at least a moderate seller.

The subject of the book – reducing the complexity of your life and embracing simplicity as a route to happiness – will resonate with many that have tired of the rat race and that are looking for a way out and into a simpler, more comfortable, and less stressful life.

While the message of the book will not be welcomed by Type-A personalities who thrive in high-pressure work environments, most people aren't like this. There are some who feel the need to keep up with the Jones family – and that's not the target demographic for this product.

Instead, anyone who's grown tired of doing so may be intrigued by an ebook claiming to provide excellent strategies for stepping outside of the daily grind and putting personal happiness over financial success without jeopardizing the ability to live comfortably and without worry.

The only negative aspect of the product is its list price. While a $27 retail price, combined with 65 percent commission rate, means that earnings potential is high, the overall price of the product could prove a deterrent to some.

This is especially true since, at that price, it's perfectly possible to receive a physical copy of a book instead of just an ebook.

However, this drawback can be overcome with smart marketing strategies – especially if they make use of testimonials that prove the product's effectiveness.

Doing so can reinforce the idea in prospective customers' minds that the value of the information within the product is high enough to justify its price.

Overall, based on the above criteria, becoming a DtH affiliate represents a moderate to good chance of earning income potential.

Combined with the low cost to entry – ClickBank has no fee requirements for affiliates – DtH is a great idea for any internet marketer interested in selling lifestyle of self-improvement products.

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