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Dream Profits is a binary options trading software platform that is supposedly so accurate and powerful as to provide its users with overnight earnings of $4,250 or more, according to its alleged creator. However, the truth is much more likely that Dream Profits is not a legitimate binary options trading platform in any way at all.

What Is Dream System?

Dream Profits states that it's a product of one Matthew Warner, a day trader worth nearly $30 million. However, we've been unable to verify the identity of Warner or his claims. Warner is supposedly from Portland, Oregon, but there's no address or phone number provided for Dream Profits; instead, there's just an email address.

Meanwhile, the YouTube account that hosts “Matthew Warner's” introduction video is a throwaway account for someone named Gregory Angel.

There's no other information available on this individual that would help us identify him positively from among a sea of people around the world with the same name.

Despite Warner claiming to be from Portland, the Terms and Conditions of the site clearly states that the controlling jurisdiction for any legal disputes is the United Kingdom. Obviously, the company is not located in the United States.

The Dream Profits website doesn't shed much light on the issue, as it was registered anonymously in June of 2017. Meanwhile, Alexa site rankings indicate no traffic from the US or the UK. Visitors are most commonly from India, Nigeria, or Hungary.

Dream System Product

The Dream Profits product is a free software program that allows you to make automated binary options trades, based on what is supposedly an advanced prediction algorithm. The program analyzes the binary options market, we're told, and then users can rely on that analysis to let the program trade automatically.

The catch is that, while the program itself is free, you do need to make trades with your own money. That often requires a deposit into a brokerage account – often at a minimum of $250.

Dream System Opportunity

The opportunity here, if it were a legitimate one, would be to make thousands of dollars with little to no effort. However, this is not the case in the least.

Dream System Verdict

The Dream Profits trading software simply doesn't work. It won't make you thousands of dollars overnight. The only one making any money off this is the broker you deposit your money into – and it's likely paying Dream Profits a referral fee for driving new accounts its way.

This broker is likely also unlicensed and unregistered, so even in the event that you do make some money, there's no obligation for this broker to pay you what you've earned. You can't go after Dream Profits either since there's no legitimate information out there that can help you identify who's really running the business.

In other words, Dream Profits is a massive scam. Stay away from it at all costs. There are better ways to trade binary options – legitimate ways that won't leave you high and dry.

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