Direct selling, as the name implies, is a method of selling goods whereby the seller directly markets and sells products to consumers. This usually happens in places other than ordinary retail stores, particularly in homes. With direct selling, there is no need for a middle man. In direct selling, sellers and consumers usually meet face to face. Sometimes however, sellers can leave consumers with a catalog about their products, then call later to collect orders.

Although direct selling has been around seemingly forever, it is only beginning to find its place in the modern sales and marketing world. People know about direct selling, but not enough people know about it. For this reason, a number of foundations have been created to increase public awareness about direct selling. One such foundation is the Direct Selling Education Foundation.

What Is DSEF?

The Direct Selling Education Foundation was established in 1973 under the Direct Selling Association. Its main purpose was to raise awareness about direct selling, and to equip people with the entrepreneurship skills related to direct selling. The foundation runs entirely on voluntary contributions from well-wishers, especially the organizations that form part of the Direct Selling Association.

Why Was The Foundation Needed?

One cannot overemphasize just how important it is to enhance awareness about direct selling. This method of selling has impacted positively on countless lives, and there is still plenty of room for it to benefit even more people. The foundation helps to raise awareness about direct selling through four main initiatives.

Academic Initiative

DSEF has partnered with many educational institutions and professors in an effort to research and expand the understanding of basic direct selling principles. The foundation also helps educate people about direct selling as a sales method.

Entrepreneurship Program

The foundation also strives to train the public on entrepreneurship, especially in the context of direct selling. This often happens in educational institutions, particularly in universities. When people are armed with entrepreneurship skills, they do not have to rely on traditional jobs in order to earn a living. This creates self- sufficiency, which is vital for the growth of any country’s economy.

Consumer Initiative

One of the cornerstones of direct selling is consumer protection. Basically, consumer rights are better protected in direct selling than they are in ordinary sales transactions. Because consumer protection is incredibly important in direct selling, the DSEF has partnered with many consumer protection advocates in an effort to make consumers aware of their rights.

Ethical Leadership

The DSEF also promotes ethical practices among businesspersons. It encourages them to be decent and honest people, and to always prioritize their consumers before their own needs.

What Are The Benefits Of The DSEF?

Because the DSEF is essentially about direct selling, all the benefits that come from direct selling can also be attributed to the DSEF. Some of these benefits are:

1. Provides Employment

In order to become a direct seller, you do not require any qualifications. Anyone can become a direct seller regardless of age, gender, experience, or any other factors. Direct selling has provided employment for countless people over the years, giving them a source of steady and reliable income. Additionally, you really do not need much capital in order to become a direct seller. You can buy just as many products as you can afford, and that is about all you need to start your business.

2. High Levels Of Consumer Protection

Generally, consumers enjoy more protection from direct selling than they do from buying goods at retail stores. They are also provided with a lot of information about the products they are purchasing, which helps them to make informed decisions. In case the product proves to be problematic, they are likely to get a replacement or free repair without much struggle.

3. Convenient And Flexible

Most direct sellers work from home or other convenient locations. They also do not have to work within certain hours, which makes their work very flexible. This is also advantageous to buyers because they can also buy goods when its suits them best. Moreover, direct selling takes place in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, which is great for both buyers and sellers.

4. Fosters Entrepreneurship

Direct selling also gives people room to explore their creativity and create products that are unique. This is because direct sellers usually do not have to worry about the quantity of products they have to sell, which allows them to focus more on the quality of products. Direct selling also allows people to look for creative ways to sell their products. All this contributes to fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The DSEF?

There are really no downsides associated with the foundation. By joining it, you really have nothing to lose. You will however enjoy countless benefits, and you are also likely to learn a lot from the program.

DSEF Conclusion

Direct selling can change your life for the better. It has transformed countless lives for the better. In order to learn more about direct selling, be sure to visit the DSEF website at dsef.org/

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