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The 24×7 E-University Home Business Bundle (or simply “Home Business Bundle” for simplicity's sake) is a package deal containing access to online courses that provide instruction on how to run a home business as well as a free web store and free lifetime web hosting.

What Is Home Business Bundle?

Home Business Bundle is a product of 24×7 E-University, an online learning website that provides “free” e-learning courses on a number of subjects, many of which are business and marketing-related.

24×7 E-University is owned by Kokoshungsan Ltd, a UK-based online company that likes to bill itself as “the online Yellow Pages.” Kokoshungsan offers a number of products flight bookings, tourism services, education, translation, internet marketing, and more.

The Companies House information for Kokoshungsan lists a Shu-Chen Hou as the registrant, living in the UK.

The author of dozens of e-books, Hou apparently has an advanced degree, as her books feature the words “Shu-Chen Hou, Ph.D.” on all their covers. All of these e-books bear a Kokoshungsan Ltd imprint.

Home Business Bundle Product

Home Business Bundle is a full e-commerce education and income system. Purchasing the program provides access to more than 600 e-learning courses from 24×7 E-University.

Additionally, members receive a free web store, pre-loaded with Kokoshungsan's voluminous e-book collection by Shu-Chen Hou to resell. Included is free web hosting for this web store. Members can sell their own products through this web store as well.

Membership also comes with free access to 24×7 E-University's community of Home Business Bundle members.

The entire package retails for $97, with payments processed through ClickBank, and provides for a 60-day money back return policy for dissatisfied customers.

Home Business Bundle Opportunity

There is more than one opportunity presented by 24×7 E-University. The first is, of course, the free web store, which can be populated with your own products; the full range of Kokoshungsan e-books are included in this.

Retail price is $15; sales of these e-books result in $9 per sale going to Kokoshungsan and $6 going to you.

Secondly, 24×7 E-University has an affiliate program. You won't be marketing the Home Business Bundle, however; instead you'll be marketing membership packages for the site.

There are four tiers of membership.

The first, Basic Member, is free, but only grants access to a limited number of e-learning courses; however, the next three – Standard, Premium, and Ultimate – carry fees of $17 a month, $47 every 3 months, or a single payment of $297 respectively.

Affiliates promoting these memberships can earn 50% commission rates on all recurring and one-time payments.

Affiliates gain access to a wide range of promotional tools, including access to the Kokoshungsan e-book library, banner images, YouTube videos, and email campaign content.

Home Business Bundle Verdict

The Home Business Bundle is, essentially, equivalent to purchasing 24×7 E-University's most expensive lifetime membership plan at a deep discount, as usually Ultimate Members are required to pay $297 instead of just the $97 for the bundle.

This in and of itself represents a significant savings, and with the added perks of being able to resell Kokoshungsan e-books or list your own products and services for sale, the bundle could easily pay for itself eventually.

However, we're really not sure what to think about 24×7 E-University's courses. There are indeed a large number of e-learning courses available on the site, more than a few of which are indeed free.

However, after reviewing some of these free courses, we sincerely doubt any of them, free or otherwise, hold information and knowledge you couldn't gain by simply using your favorite search engine.

More telling, the quality of these Kokoshungsan e-books is questionable. Topics range from self-improvement to health and fitness to business, but judging from the previews available from Amazon, they're not exactly Pulitzer prize-winners.

Still, the affiliate program is straightforward enough. It's just a question of finding individuals interested in shelling out their hard-earned dough for access to these e-learning courses.

Since these courses are of questionable quality. You may find it difficult to market 24×7 E-University effectively enough to turn it into a viable affiliate income stream.

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