earn fast btc

Earn Fast Bitcoin (or just Earn Fast BTC for short) is a hybrid revenue sharing and a 5-tier 2×1 forced matrix earning platform, powered by affiliate recruitment. Earn Fast BTC deals exclusively with Bitcoin as a payment processor (hence the name).

What Is Earn Fast BTC?

There's no information on the Earn Fast BTC website in regards to who owns and operates the site. Additionally, the site's registration information reveals nothing besides an anonymous registrant and the fact that the site went up in late June of 2017.

As always, whenever you run into a financial services company or website that doesn't provide any information about who they are or where they're located, it's hardly ever a good idea to get involved with such an organization.

Earn Fast BTC Product

There are two facets of Earn Fast BTC: a “revenue share” program and a 5-tier 2×1 forced recruitment matrix. The rev share costs $10 and provides 5000 banner and ad text credits for advertising on the Earn Fast BTC site directly. The company claims that these rev shares can mature to as much as $15 but don't specify how long this process takes.

The 2×1 forced recruitment matrix requires a $5 buy-in; progressing through all five levels can provide a net profit of $40. Purchasing an initial matrix position also provides 1000 banner and text ad credits as well.

To join Earn Fast BTC, a new member must invest in both at least one rev share and one matrix position buy-in. This makes the total cost to join $15.

Earn Fast BTC Opportunity

In addition to the possible $5 ROI from maturing rev shares and the $40 in net gain from moving through the 5-tier 2×1 matrix, Earn Fast BTC also provides residual commissions for certain types of recruitment.

The company offers $0.50 direct referral commissions for every level 1 position purchased from direct referrals. Additionally, recruitment provides three levels of commissions as well – 5%, 3%, and 2%.

Earn Fast BTC Verdict

Earn Fast BTC tries to mask its shenanigans by claiming that the thousands of banner and text ad credits it hands out for joining its rev share and forced matrix are the primary draw. However, this is nothing more than a compliance fig leaf – and one that isn't fooling anybody – who's going to advertise on a website that nobody visits?

Let's put aside the obvious flaws in the company's recruitment matrix that prevent it from lasting very long. Everyone knows that companies that focus solely on new affiliate recruitment don't go anywhere and eventually collapse under their own weight – that's nothing new. The rev share component is of particular note, however.

How can Earn Fast BTC claim that its rev share investment can provide as much as $5 in ROI? There's no explanation given and no timeline provided.

With the company engaging in nothing but taking money from recruits, these investor funds are their only form of revenue – and that means any money going out is sourced from recruitment money coming in. It's not like investors are going to be purchasing credits to run their ads on a website with zero market penetration.

This is, of course, a quintessential scam. Eventually, there will be more money that needs to be paid out than Earn Fast BTC has on hand – and that's when, surprise surprise, the company disappears overnight, taking all the accumulated wealth it has with it and vanishing.

Since the company's admins are completely anonymous, there's no way for any disgruntled investors to reclaim their funds.

You will, however, have lots of ad credits left over. Ad credits for a defunct website that nobody was using to run their banner or text ads anyway. So yes, let's be honest about the value of those 6000 ads credits, shall we?

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