Earny is an online service that scans the internet for instances where e-commerce companies owe you money after a price drop on an item you purchased before the change in price.

What Is Earny?

Earny is based in Santa Monica, California and was founded in 2015 by Dori Yona, Ilan Zerbib, and Oded Vakrat. A privately held company, Earny has gone through two rounds of equity funding and has garnered more than $11 million in investor funds before launching its online price matching service portal.

Earny Product

The Earny service, which is available both over the web and through a mobile app, requires individuals to provide the company with access to their email account. Once that access has been established, Earny’s algorithm searches through a user’s emails for emailed receipts for online purchases and then checks those receipts against the current price of the product or service purchased.

If Earny finds that any of your purchases are eligible for price protection guarantees, it then assists you in claiming the refund amounts you’re entitled to under these guarantees. If Earny finds a user savings in this manner, the user is charged 25% of the total refund received as a service fee.

Earny Opportunity

In addition to being able to earn refunds on items you’ve purchased over the internet if their price changed, you can also earn bonuses for referring new users to Earny.

Referring someone provides a 5% commission on all rewards they receive. Additionally, users are also entitled to a 5% commission on any rewards their direct recruit’s referred users receive as well.

Earny Verdict

Earny has the potential to provide quite a bit of money back to those who spend lots of time and money making purchases online, provided you don’t mind handing over access to your email inbox to the company. Earny does have an ironclad privacy policy, promising to not share or sell their users’ information, of course, but individuals who are concerned about the security of their email may find that no amount of extra money back is worth compromising their inbox.

Additionally, users who shop on Amazon will have to provide Earny their Amazon login credentials as well, since Amazon doesn’t provide itemized receipts through email. This is a secondary security issue that might make prospective users cringe; we won’t even mention that Earny wants your credit card information as well in order to refund your purchases directly to you.

When it’s all said and done, the average internet shopper may not benefit too much from a service like Earny. While it’s priced reasonably – no money up front, 25% of the sum if it does find you any cash back – it might get you a few bucks back unless you make major high-ticket purchases online. Even the added referral system is largely dependent on whether or not referred users have any purchases that qualify for reimbursement..

In the end, Earny certainly looks like a great service, but it’s entirely situational if it’s going to actually benefit you in any way. Trying it out for yourself is always an option; again, this is really only viable for anyone who doesn’t mind handing over the keys to their inbox to the company. If this bothers you, but you’re still curious about Earny, you can always change your passwords afterward.

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