easy money

Easy Money is an eBook to help the average Joe learn how to sell on eBay.

What is Easy Money

The site states that a guy named J.J. Johnson is the creator of the eBook. When looking into who actually runs the site through Who.is, you won't find much. In fact, you won't find anything at all.

The site has been secured by Domains By Proxy LLC which is a company that specializes in keeping registered domain names under wraps. However, the site was registered August 29, 2016.

What is interesting is that the product is sold through Clickbank. When researching more about the owner “J.J”, Clickbank doesn't have an author or vendor spotlight for him.

If he was legit, he would have some sort of notice through Clickbank on when he launched his product and more about his expertise.† So there is no guarantee if “J.J.” is a real person or a character to provoke a connection with the seller. Another thing that is off about the seller is his name is just too generic.

The Product

Easy Money is basically an eBook that costs $24.95. The topics covered within the eBook range from where you can list items on eBay to seller fees and more. But Mr. J.J Johnson doesn't show proof that he is qualified to actually write the book. What it sounds like is a bunch of topics that you have heard a million times over.

Final Verdict about Easy Money

Sure, you can make money selling on eBay. Many people do, but there is no proof that J.J has done it before. The whole sales page is riddled with poor grammar and spelling. This shows he doesn't take his product seriously. If he did, don't you think he would have at least run it through spell check?

Even MSWord would pick up some of the things he missed.

For example, if you scroll down to read some of the “testimonies” you will notice a lot of misspelled words like “firts” and “eby”. One that is especially humorous is the testimony from CNC Operator who uses “firts” and lower case “i”. These happen to be the exact same mistakes that J.J uses throughout his entire sales page. This just goes to show that he has basically made up the whole thing.

What you get on the sales page is a bunch of screenshots and a whole lot of cliches. If this is how the sales page is, don't you think the book will be riddled with these issues as well? You may also notice that down at the very bottom, Mr. J.J. has provided  an “About Me page”.

If you happen to read it, you will notice that the ì$î sign is on the opposite side of the amount. That is how foreigners write amounts. They don't put the dollar sign in front of the amount, they put it behind it. This little tell-tell sign shows that the person who wrote this sales page and eBook isn't American.

Another thing you may notice is that the product is sold through Clickbank.

For you, this is both a blessing and a curse. First, Clickbank honors returns no matter if they are digital or not. For this product, that is a good thing. You might buy it and realize it is not for you. Or you might realize that you can't read it due to bad formatting and grammar. With Clickbank, you get 60-days to request a refund.

Plus, the product isn't being solicited through Clickbank's affiliate program. That means that there is no opportunity for anyone but the author to make money.

This, in this case, is another plus. The bad side to this is that Clickbank doesn't regulate what is being sold through their online portal and garbage like this can be added at anytime from anywhere.

Do yourself a favor and just pass on this one. You can find better products out there for much cheaper. Or you can do research and get the information for free. Save your money and invest it elsewhere, you will be really happy you did.

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