Easy Pay Cash Wallet

The Easy Pay Cash Epic Wallet – or just “Epic Wallet” for short – is an MLM recruitment scheme masquerading as an e-commerce payment system. Epic Wallet, currently in pre-launch, plans to have a reward card and an accompanying iOS/Android app.

What Is Easy Pay Cash Epic Wallet?

Epic Wallet is based in India and is marketed towards Indians. The admins behind the program, however, are anonymous; there's no information regarding who's running the company.

Digging into the Epic Wallet site reveals that it's actually owned by a holding company known as Selesta Ragan Advisory LLC, a Bangalore-based firm that lists one individual, Gala Chandra Sekhar Gupta, as the principal owner.

Unfortunately, the name is so common that there's no way to positively identify Gupta; additionally, the address given in business documents for the company's headquarters is incomprehensible.

Easy Pay Cash Epic Wallet Product

Epic Wallet is, ostensibly, a “rewards card” that can be used like a reloadable debit card in order to make purchases and pay bills online. Individuals transfer funds from a bank account to the card electronically – possibly through the mobile app, it's unclear based on the materials on the website – and can also transfer money to other Epic Wallet users as well.

Enrolling in membership is free, but funds must be loaded into Epic Wallet in order to use it. There are four tiers, all listed in Inda Rupees (INR):

  • 3000 INR – approximately $50 USD
  • 9,000 INR – approximately $150 USD
  • 27,000 INR – approximately $425 USD
  • 81,000 INR – approximately $1275 USD

Easy Pay Cash Epic Wallet Opportunity

In addition to being able to use Epic Wallet to make online purchases, members can also earn incentives for both depositing money into the system and also recruiting others. These come in the form of daily bonuses that last for terms of 200 days, and the amount of each bonus is dependent on how much money is transferred to Epic Wallet.

  • 3000 INR nets 30 INR daily
  • 9000 INR nets 100 INR daily
  • 27,000 INR nets 300 INR daily
  • 81,000 INR nets 1000 INR daily

Epic Wallet also rewards recruiters with a 5% referral bonus on new recruits, a 10% matching bonus on the amount of money recruits invest, and “promo booster income” for every 2 direct recruits that adds 15, 50, 150, or 500 INR daily depending on what your level of investment is.

Easy Pay Cash Epic Wallet Verdict

Epic Wallet, from everything we've seen, doesn't seem to be a good idea. While the core product – a reloadable debit card system with an associated mobile app – can be useful, it's the MLM money-making scheme that's tacked on to it that concerns us.

There's no information regarding where Epic Wallet is getting the money to pay its members all these bonuses. No mention of any investment activity or anything like that means that the only source of income for the company is from individuals depositing funds into the system.

In other words, the only way to award daily bonuses to its existing members is for Epic Wallet to take money from new recruits in order to do so.

Eventually there won't be enough people enrolled in Epic Wallet to pay all these bonuses. When that happens, kiss your money goodbye.

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