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ECOM Entrepreneur is a free video series that explores how to build an e-commerce company in a unique way that differentiates that company from competitors and maximizes earnings potential. The series recently debuted with the first of four 40-minute installments, with more on the way.

What Is ECOM Entrepreneur?

ECOM Entrepreneur is a product of The Four Percent, an online training and education platform focusing on e-commerce and internet marketing.

Four Percent was founded by Vick Strizheus, a veteran internet marketer that has earned a reputation as a high-income earner in online environments through success in MLM and affiliate marketing endeavors.

ECOM Entrepreneur Product

The ECOM Entrepreneur video series is available for free through the Four Percent website – or free in exchange for submitting your email to the company, which subscribes you to the Four Percent newsletter.

The video series itself, which launched in September of 2017, currently consists of one roughly 40-minute episode where Strizheus conducts an in-depth interview with Shubham Singh, an e-commerce entrepreneur that created his first business at the age of 17.

The video – the first in a four-video series – explains how Singh made it big selling electric scooters by sourcing a manufacturer, striking a distribution deal with them, personally branding these products under his own business name, and then marketing them online. Singh has since expanded his e-commerce activities by replicating the process with other products, maintaining his success.

Each video will ostensibly go into deeper detail on the subject of e-commerce, providing insider information on how Singh maintained his success, what strategies and tactics he used in order to do so, and commentary on these actions through conversations with Singh and Strizheus.

Again, the entire video series is available in for free.

ECOM Entrepreneur Opportunity

The opportunity presented by the ECOM Entrepreneur video series is to gain insider information on how one successful e-commerce entrepreneur capitalized on his success, building it into a commercially successful business in ways that are differentiated by more traditional internet marketing or affiliate programs.

Additionally, while it's not made explicit, the invitation to join Four Percent Group as a paying customer is also a recurring undertone in the video, with the implication that availing yourself of Four Percent's training systems will provide you the same opportunities that Singh had in building his own personal success story.

ECOM Entrepreneur Verdict

The focus Singh places on not doing what everyone else is doing – going your own way and not following the herd when it comes to trying to market affiliate products – means that he manages to circumvent the primary problem in traditional e-commerce marketing, which is being lost in a crowd of nearly identical marketers doing the same thing.

The intent and message is a positive one, and it does illustrate how going against the constant stream of affiliate or MLM marketers out there trying to make a living with e-commerce can often result in success. Additionally, there are plenty of tips that budding e-commerce entrepreneurs are likely to glean not just from the first episode of this free video series but ostensibly the other three episodes as well once they are made available.

That being said, we do feel that the most benefit to be found in this video isn't in its viewers but in Four Percent Group as a whole. The impetus behind presenting the video is to encourage awareness of Four Percent and hopefully end up converting interested prospects into members in order to learn even more about how to become an e-commerce entrepreneur.

If you feel after watching the ECOM Entrepreneur video you want to learn more about Four Percent, its training offerings, and its pricing options, we've got you covered. Having reviewed other offerings by Four Percent in the past, we encourage you to read up on what we found and how we feel about the company in general before committing to any paid training or education opportunities Four Percent offers to you.

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