ecreate it is a network marketing company that sells tools and services in support of internet marketers. The company also has a robust affiliate marketing program for individuals willing to market products and services for commission-based income.

What Is is owned by The Info Marketing Group, located in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Unfortunately, the address given by the company on its website links to a post office box at a UPS Store in a strip mall in Saratoga Springs, so it’s likely that there isn’t an actual “office” for the company anywhere.

Additionally, company ownership is similarly not disclosed on the site itself. The site registration information for does reveal a name – Joel Peterson – that we’ve found associated with a LinkedIn profile that lists him as the CEO of the company.

Information from Peterson’s LinkedIn profile reveals him to be a veteran network marketer with more than 10 years in the business of marketing and promoting in an online environment. This includes running “The Work At Home Newsletter,” a 50,000-subscriber email list. Product offers three tiers of tools and services. The first two, The Tool Suite and The Pro Suite, are monthly subscription-based services; The Tool Suite is $35 a month, and The Pro Suite is available for an additional $125 a month. The services these suites offer include landing page and marketing funnel builders, lead capture systems, custom websites and domain name services, and access to online marketing training and education resources.

The third tier of products is the Entrepreneur Blueprints service, available for a one-time fee of $500. These services include “blueprints” for creating your own webinar training systems, social media marketing campaigns, membership sites, online courses, and other similar service products. Opportunity

The affiliate program is quite robust. Affiliates receive anywhere from 36% – 49% profit from all products purchased by customers, including monthly subscription fees as well as one-time purchase prices.

The compensation plan itself is a 7-tier deep unilevel system that has 12 different affiliate ranks to climb, with ranks 7 through 12 earning full 7-tier deep compensation under the system. Commission rates start at 10% from direct recruits and then range from 5% to 10% for levels 2 through 7 once unlocked.

Affiliates are required to pay a $25 yearly reselling fee. There are several additional bonuses and incentivizations, the first of which is to provide a 25% “wholesale” discount on all products and services purchased by the affiliate. Verdict

We have a couple of problems with The first is that the company is obviously encouraging its affiliates to purchase the products and services it offers so that they can turn around and promote the company by using these very same products and services. This makes us feel these tools provided by might not be as useful in an environment where they’re not used to promote themselves.

Second, we’re not fans of how how CEO Joel Peterson goes to such lengths to not reveal himself as owner of the company. That irks us, and makes us not want to trust him. Your mileage may vary though.

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