eden life club

The Eden Life Club is a membership only community that will help you to achieve financial rewards.

What is Eden Life Club all about?

The creator of Eden Life Club is stated to be a Mr. Choong. There is no first name given as to who he is or what he really does professionally. When digging into how long the site has been available to the public, Who.is states that the site was registered on March 2016. The site was then updated in July.

According to Who.is the registered owner is unknown. The organization behind registering the site is Domains by Proxy, LLC. The address given for the registered site owner is in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, the address listed on the site itself is from Hong Kong, China. Another interesting fact is that the headquarters is located in Malaysia.

The Product

There is no product so to speak but the company deals with cryptocurrency. Apparently, you purchase Eden Coins that are then invested on your behalf. The site doesn't say exactly where the money goes, or if there will be a return of interest within investing.

The site does offer higher membership packaging and allows you to bid on various products that are valuable.

The Eden Life Club Review Summary

Lack of information is a big thing for this site. What you do get is loads of information that is irrelevant. There is no direction for the site except for the fact that the company wants you to purchase bitcoins from them. That's it in a nutshell. There is no mention of returning your funds, nor is there anything that really states how you will make money from the site.

Eden Life goes to great lengths to beat around the bush. The site offers you plenty of eye candy without really offering you anything substantial. You may notice that there are a lot of pretty pictures to make you believe that travel is involved, but there is nothing to back up this site as being a travel agency.

The fact that the site is registered to an unknown person with different addresses all over the place should be a red flag. What this should explain to you is that the money you put into this company will be dispersed overseas. That means you will probably never see anything in return and you just threw away your money.

When you begin to read the pages of the site, you may also come to realize that the grammar is off. The sentence structure is wrong and that the site is intended to keep you running around in circles. There is even one point where it explains how Eden Coin is similar to Bitcoins and that they are picking up Bitcoin's direction. Although you may have read it like they were expanding the cryptocurrency that is not the case. They clearly state they are simply using that currency for whatever game they are playing.

While the site is very confusing it does make a point to say that people are signing up left and right. Don't believe this nonsense. The company doesn't have a strong enough social presence to make those claims. In fact, there have only been 3 shares on Facebook, google+ and twitter. This is probably from the company's owner trying to get people aware of the site and nothing more.

If you happen to come across this site, just run away. It doesn't hold any value whatsoever. There are far too many loopholes for the company to take your money and run. With all the different addresses bouncing around all over the place you should back away.† Especially with the lack of any solid evidence that this company is a global community the only real thing they have going for them is that the site is pretty. And that quote from Will Smith that is just a ploy to get you to think they are something special. You can find several quotes online from various celebrities and post them on your site too. So don't fall for it.

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