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Elite Trading information appears on popular stations like BBC, CNN, and NBC News. It’s a free program you use to earn hundreds every day from the comfort of your home. People who sign up free and use the software earn tens of thousands per month. According to the site, people who use the software earn five-digit figures every month. All of this comes without having any experience.

The premise behind this website is that you get the free software after giving your email address. Create a profile on the trading site. Next, make the required deposit. The promise is that you’re able to withdraw this deposit at any time.

Once that’s done, you let the free software take over. It buys and sells automatically for you. It is worth noting that trading takes place within the binary options market, a market that is not regulated and that many feel is shady.

The Company

EliteTrading.Club is registered by Whois Privacy Corp. It’s impossible to know exactly who owns the company. There is a Facebook page, but it only has three posts made in April 2016. Professor Dr. Maximilian Wagenbauer is the name given on the main page, but it’s unclear if this is the founder or someone using the software. A search of Wagenbauer doesn’t bring up much either.

The Product

Elite Trading is financial software designed to simplify trading in the binary options market. The company claims investor George Soros earned $450 million using this software. The website provides a copy of Wirtschafts Blatt as proof. Suddeustsche Zeitung claims two bakers made $12.9 million.

To make the money, you receive a free financial software download. This happens when you enter your email address. Either a new screen or an email directs you to sign up for a free trading account. Set up that account. But, you must make a minimum deposit to complete the process.

Once money is in your account, the financial software runs in the background. It handles all trading for you. You’re free to cook dinner, watch TV, talk on the phone, or do whatever you have on your schedule. As time progresses, earnings build up each time one of the trades leads to a gain. There's the risk of having a loss, which is true of how the stock market works in general.

With Elite Trading, you never monitor what you’re doing. You don’t need experience with the stock market. Simply check your account from time to time and see if you’ve earned money.

The Verdict

EliteTrading.Club is a German website and Google Translate only goes so far. The video and clip art are harder to understand, as they don't translate. Watch the video and the message becomes clear. People earn money in minutes while the software makes trades for them. No experience is the same. If you know German, you'll have no problem following along.

Consumers should note that in the disclosures, it does state, “You may claim a refund for the product within 60 days of purchase with the no-questions-asked guarantee.” The page goes on to say, “We do ask you to put the technique to use before requesting a refund.” That a refund is available is good, but you may have lost your investment by that point. For those with a limited income, losing even a few hundred dollars causes financial hardship.

It is equally important to note that “No express or implied guarantees of income are made by Elite Trading.” You may make money, but you might lose everything. Can you afford it?

Bottom line is that Elite Trading is essentially the same method used in programs like The Kiwi Method and My Millionaire Guide. It’s all based on trading within the binary options market. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission caution people against binary options as there's no regulation. Without regulations, the broker has the right to refuse to pay out. It’s really all just one big gamble.

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