Emojicap Review Guide

Emojicap is a company that uses the emoji images that are typically found on smartphones to place on baseball caps as a form of self-expression. This is our review.


What Is Emojicap?

As consumers learn more about technology, they give the smartphone industry more time and resources to create small emotional icons to show off how they feel.

One of the main problems with texting and online communication before emoji icons were introduced was the lack of ability to understand the implied emotion when reading text messages.

However, when these small icons started becoming a mainstream texting tool, users were able to find a way to convey their thoughts clearly. It makes sense that Emojicap wanted to bring this idea into real life, giving consumers the opportunity to show off their favorite emoji icons.

Emojicap is a company that creates baseball caps that features the well-known icons, allowing you to demonstrate your personality while you are out in the real world. No matter which icon is your favorite, Emojicap is likely to have that product available for purchase. Since smartphones are constantly gaining access to new codes for new emoji’s, it is likely you will continue to have new options to choose from for a while

Self-expression through clothing and accessories is a great way to convey your particular attitude that day. With a simple emoji on your hat, you can show others that you want to be approached or that you are uninterested in what anyone else has to say.

Much like any other article of clothing, your hat can help someone better understand your attitude, personality, and general fashion sense. Luckily, there are many different hat and emoji options to choose from right now.


Emojicap Hat Options

Most of the emoji-themed hats are available with different colors in the background, but you do not have the option to customize them. The emoji hats have a predetermined color, but there are two color choices for each icon that allow you to match your outfit or your mood.

At this time, all the caps available are priced at $26, but it’s unlikely you’ll be satisfied with just one. Since there are so many available images, you can get one for every emotion you want to convey to strangers, or you can use it as a funny gift for a friend.

While you have many color and emoji options available, the whole idea revolves around choosing the one (or more) that speaks to you the best. Here are the different options you can order from the website:

  • Tears of Joy Cap
    • Available in white and black
  • Smiling Devil Cap
    • Available in white and black
  • Cherry Cap
    • Available in white and black
  • Diamond Cap
    • Available in black and gray
  • Broken Heart Cap
    • Available in black and pink
  • Flying Money Cap
    • Available in black and blue
  • Pill Cap
    • Available in black and white
  • 100 Cap
    • Available in black and beige
  • Poo Cap
    • Available in black and beige
  • OK Cap
    • Available in black and pink
  • Wave Cap
    • Available in blue and pink
  • Fire Cap
    • Available in black and olive

Each of the hats is made from 100% cotton, which is absorbent and comfortable as you wear the hat all day long, even if you’re sweating. The emojis are attached to the hat with an embroidered piece, rather than being a printed part of the hat. To adjust the accessory to match the circumference of your head, use the metal buckle on the back to alter the width of the hat.

You will have to cover the cost of shipping, but a purchase of two or more caps will earn you free shipping, reducing the overall cost of your purchase. The company accepts PayPal, which makes it easy to safeguard your financial information. However, you can also use most major credit cards, if that is your preference. Emojicap ships to consumers all over the world, so budget for shipping accordingly.

Contacting Emojicap

There does not appear to be any contact information on the website. The only way you can find out more about the company or products is by following along with their social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) or by subscribing to their newsletter.

The Emojicap profiles seem to mostly advertise for the products that are already available. Their Facebook profile has several videos to demonstrate the way their hats are made and to show the popularity of emoji’s. However, the company’s social media presence does not appear to be that strong. Their Facebook page has less than 200 followers, their Twitter page doesn’t even have five followers, and their Instagram has about 300 followers.


There is little information about the Emojicap company as a whole. They do not have a phone number, email address, or even a fill-in form on the website to request more information or to figure out information about your order.

The shipping speed is average (three to five business days), but you don’t have much more information to go off of for Emojicap to earn the trust of consumers.

Their social media presence hasn’t gained much popularity, but many of the pages only began in April 2016. They still have plenty of time to rise in revenue and popularity as a company, as long as they continue to develop caps that the public wants to add to their closet.

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