Are you looking for a way to increase your staff's productivity? Maybe you want a proven strategy that will create loyalty with your employees plus get them focused and more productive than ever before. If that is what you are looking for, then Employer Leverage is the eBook that will help you with those goals.

The Company

Employer Leverage is a system designed by Robert Modd. When looking into who Robert Modd is, you will find him on all the major social media sites. He has a Facebook profile, twitter account, and a website called “www.thetradingcode.com”.

Mr. Modd can also be found on YouTube and works with options trading. It would seem that he is just an all-around guy with years of experience in selling training courses depending on what you want to learn.

The Product

Employer Leverage is all about how you interact with your employees and how to train them properly. Not just with the company standards to get the job done, but in a way that encourages loyalty within the employee to try their hardest to please you, the boss.

The Employer Leverage is an all-around training course that will give you the six best-kept secrets to keeping your employees happy. Within the pages of this eBook, you will begin to create a sense of obligation and show your employees how to take ownership of themselves.

It may begin to sound like a bonafide babysitting class where you teach your employees how to be, well, employees. But it goes much deeper than that. Within the pages of this eBook, you will show your employees simple ways to take action and to gain trust with every single one of your employees. Once you gain trust, you gain loyalty and with loyalty come a productive team that won't quit on you.

After all, when you think about all the man-hours it takes to train someone new only to have them quit a few weeks later it can be frustrating. But if you get the Employer Leverage eBook you can start training your new recruits the right way and build trust within the first week.

When you order Employer Leverage for $9.95 you will receive the “Six Best Kept Secrets,” plus you will get “Ultimate Techniques for Time Management” and “Balance Your Life.” All three eBooks are yours for a small one-time payment of $9.95.

The Opportunity

Even though Employer Leverage is a product from Clickbank you won't find any affiliate links. You can find Employer Leverage in the Affiliate Marketplace but you won't be able to earn any commissions. What is a little strange is on the Clickbank site when you find the product you will notice how it states that affiliates can earn 50% commissions. Yet, there is nothing that allows you get the link to promote the product.

The Verdict

The Employer Leverage system sounds like a great way to earn trust in your employees. You will find that price is set accordingly and isn't overly expensive. Plus you can always get a refund within 60-days thanks to Clickbank's 60-day money back guarantee.

The only thing that is odd about this product is how it is affiliated with Clickbank. But it doesn't have any way for you to earn commissions even though it says it does. The lack of communication between the seller and Clickbank needs to be fixed. It is very confusing to see one site stating 50% commissions while the other site doesn't.

All in all, you will find some of the information worthwhile. Mr. Modd does know what he is talking about and can help you become a better manager and boss. The steps he shows are proven to increase productivity and help balance your work life with your professional life. You really can’t go wrong with these eBooks. If you want to get loyal employees, get Employer Leverage. If you want your employees to be productive and overachievers, then get Employer Leverage.

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