Empower Network was solo-founded and co-created in October 2011 by Mr. David Wood as a way to help anyone who was looking to launch a home-based online business / professional presented digital marketing products / direct sales opportunity get started.

There are two ways to make money from The Empower Network. First, you can sell Empower Network products and earn commissions from those sales. Or, you can get other people to join the Empower Network and earn money from their training products and marketing materials to go along with their flagship blogging system, Kalatu.

There are a variety of membership tiers in the Empower Network, each of which has different perks and commission structures. Let's review Empower Network for 2015 and beyond.

What is the Empower Network?

The Empower Network was founded by two guys named David Wood and David Sharpe. David Wood has a background in free traffic blogging and video marketing, while David Sharpe calls himself a paid traffic specialist and profitable presentation copy writer.

Together, they started a unique business called Empower Network. The network was founded back in 2011 and is still going strong today even though Mr Sharpe has since stepped down due to personal reasons.

How Does the Empower Network Work?

Empower Network is fueled by two things:

— Product Sales

— Membership Sales

Like most multilevel marketing-style businesses, Empower Network costs money to join. Depending on which membership level you choose, you’ll also have to pay additional monthly fees.

The “products” are simply all of the different memberships and bonus packages for Empower Network, like the Viral Blogging Academy and the $15K Formula.

When you sell those products, or sell someone an Empower Network membership, you get a cut of that commission.

Empower Network Products

Since the products and memberships are essentially the same, I’ll dive right into how much the Empower Network costs to join.

Here’s how the pricing breaks down for Empower Network membership:

Blogging Platform – $25 Per Month

This membership level gives you access to the Empower Network’s unique blogging platform called Blog Beast. You’ll also receive access to basic training materials, back office tools, lead capture systems, and “Monday Night Empower Hour.”

Blog Beast is a content management system similar to WordPress. It’s what Empower Network members use to create their blogs and websites online. Even someone with limited technical knowledge can publish a blog post with just two clicks. You can also track sales conversions and personal progress.

Blog Beast advertises itself as being superior to WordPress, although it has a few major disadvantages. First, Blog Beast costs money, while WordPress is free. Second, Empower Network controls certain parts of your website – including the advertisements that appear. You also cannot post YouTube videos, as Empower Network hosts all of the videos.

Add to that the lack of themes and tech support and you start to learn why WordPress is considered the better blogging platform. However, if you join Empower Network, Blog Beast is your only option.

The Inner Circle Membership – $100 Per Month

With this membership level, users have access to a library of audio files. These audio files contain speeches and tutorials from other members of the Empower Network.

You can hear from Empower Network team leaders and members, for example, or even listen to guides from the founders of Empower Network.

When you buy into this membership tier, you have the right to earn commissions by selling this membership tier and lower.

The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – $500 Single Payment

The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive package gives access to a video series created during a private 3-day retreat in Costa Rica. That retreat involved top Empower Network members as well as David Wood himself, co-founder of EN.

The retreat took place at David Wood’s house in Costa Rica. The videos explain many of the concepts behind capturing online leads, growing an audience, and implementing advanced marketing strategies.

The Team Building Formula – $1,000 Single Payment

This program includes intense technical training which will explain how members can market their products online. You’ll learn how to earn targeted leads and turn those targeted leads into real profit. There are also training guides on how to grow an online business which lasts long-term.

Masters Retreat – $3,500 Single Payment

The Masters Retreat includes over 40 individual training guides as well as a workbook. It promises to help EN members “learn as they earn.”

Other Fees and Additional Information

There’s one other perk worth mentioning with each of these tiers: when you purchase a tier, you earn the right to sell that tier to new members (and more importantly, earn commissions from those new members).

Of course, if you’re only a $25 per month member and you refer someone who buys a higher package, then you won’t earn commissions on that sale.

If you want to get paid while working with the Empower Network (I assume you do), then you’ll also need to pay $20 every month for your payment card. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access any of the commission money or affiliate fees you’ve earned.

It’s also important to note that you need to pay all of the fees in the tier to join the program. For example, if you want to buy the Member’s Retreat membership, you’ll also need to pay $100 per month for the Inner Circle Membership and $25 per month for the Kalatu membership. New members may find that these fees completely wipe out any income they’ve earned.

There are plenty of other hidden fees involved with your Empower Network affiliate membership. I call them “hidden” fees because they’re not disclosed until you’re actually a member. You’re charged additional fees for your auto responder, paid advertising, additional web hosting (beyond your one included site), additional domain purchases, and many more.

But this is just the nature of the beast. Be prepared to bust your balls and back to make this work. But once you get it, you got it!

Other Empower Network Products

The unique thing about the Empower Network is that everybody is selling the same thing: you’re selling Empower Network products that tell other people how to grow a work-from-home business.

In addition to the packages and membership levels I’ve listed above, there are a number of other add-ons and products available:

Viral Blogging Academy ($297): Video course on how to monetize a viral blogging system.

High Ticket Academy ($497): Three webinars explaining how to close “high ticket” sales, which are larger purchases from premium clients.

High Traffic Academy ($997): Also called the Internet Traffic Formula, this Vick Strizheus-led course was exceptionally popular before Strizheus left the Empower Network. He recently launched High Traffic Academy 2.0, but it’s not affiliated with the Empower Network.

Top Producer Formula ($497): David Wood calls this his “secret training vault”. In this vault, he features lessons explaining how to sell anything you want in the internet marketing industry.

Empower Network Commission Structure

Empower Network has a very unique commission structure. Like all good multilevel marketing companies, this commission structure funnels commissions to the top of the network while leaving lower tiers with very little.

Here’s how it works:

— You earn commission when someone buys a product through your affiliate link. That commission ranges from $5 to $5,000.

— You don’t earn commission on certain product sales. You won’t earn commission on your first, third, fifth and every fifth product sale. Instead, that commission goes to your sponsor (the person in the tier above you). (but they are adding more value-based components into their newer 2015 compensation plan enhancements – stay tuned for those advancements)

— You earn commission from all of the affiliates who join below you. So if someone buys an entry-level Kalatu blogging platform membership for $25 per month, you receive affiliate commissions per month every month until that person cancels.

— Just like your sponsor earns money from you, you earn money from the people below you. The person below you gives commission from their second, fourth, sixth, and every fifth sale to you.

— You also earn nearly 70% commission on all Empower Network product purchases, like going ‘ALL IN' or just starting with the Kalatu Viral Blogging System.

Obviously, this system is good if you sell lots of products every month. If you sell fewer than 6 products every month, then half of your hard-earned commissions are going to someone else instead of ending up in your pocket.

It’s important to note that the commission structure line is specific to each product: each product has its own counter. So you’re passing up the first commission on every first, third and fifth, and every fifth sale thereafter.

That won’t really affect people who only sell one or two different products. But if you sell 6-7 of a dozen different products every month, you’ll end up missing out on a lot of commission because of this structure.

Of course, this might just motivate you to continue building the network below you, in which case you can start earning substantially more money.

Disadvantages of the Empower Network

The Empower Network is far from perfect. Here are some important things to know about the Empower Network before you join:

Most People Will Lose Money

Like most network marketing businesses, the vast majority of members will lose money. With the Empower Network, some people have put this percentage as high as 97%. In other words, out of 100 people who sign up for the company, just three can expect to turn a profit.

That doesn’t mean you won’t make money with the Empower Network: it just means that you won’t make a net profit due to the large number of fees and charges.

Difficult to Rank Empower Network Blogs

Since 2011, many websites have tried to crack down on Empower Network spam. Members would start an EN blog and then run wild on the internet, spamming links wherever they could go. As a result, Facebook banned Empower Network blog links.

Google has also de-listed some EN blogs from search rankings, and even brand new EN blogs are difficult to rank – even if you can find a website that accepts Empower Network links. Expect to get more traffic through paid sources than free sources like SEO.

Limited Blog Functionality

When you sign up for the Empower Network, you get access to Blog Beast, which is EN’s website creation system. This system is similar to WordPress in some ways: you can upload a blog post in just two clicks. But it falls short in many other areas. You can’t post YouTube links, for example, because all videos must be hosted on the Empower Network.

You also only have a limited number of themes with which to work. Oh, and it costs $25 per month to use the service. Compared to WordPress, which is free, Blog Beast is clearly inferior.

Lots of Competitors

A decade ago, starting a website and selling products online could be a lucrative business even for beginners. Today, however, it’s easy for anyone to make their own website online. You don’t have to look far online to find people selling products just like the ones Empower Network is selling.

In fact, you’re literally going up against millions of competitors – many of which offer lower prices, better products, and more honest pricing policies.

Upsells Everywhere You Turn

Every time you visit an Empower Network blog, you’ll see banners talking about how awesome your life will be after joining the Empower Network – and how crappy it will be if you don’t join. Even after you join, you’re bombarded with upsells everywhere you go. Even if you buy the biggest membership package, you’ll still receive upsells for Empower Network “add-on” programs like iPAS 2.0 and Big Idea Mastermind, among others.

Conclusion: Who Should Join the Empower Network?

The Empower Network is a unique marketing opportunity which promises to help anyone create their own profitable at-home business.

Most people, unfortunately, won’t make much money with the Empower Network. Unless you’re in the top tier of affiliates, it can be difficult to sell enough products and Empower Network memberships to overcome the network’s high monthly fees.

However, if you work hard enough to overcome all of the challenges we listed under the “Disadvantages” section, then you may be able to generate substantial income with the Empower Network – especially if you have a large network of productive network members underneath you.

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