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Emza Gold is a company that is all about improving the health issues of others by offering a multivitamin supplement in liquid form.


In 2013, CEO Steve Carmack founded Emza when he became aware of people's irritation with a number of pills they were taking. So, he set out to discover a new way to help people. He and his team developed Daily Gold. He has been quoted as saying that he was driven by a divine force to create the product. So, Steve set up his shop in Hudson, Florida and remains true to his idea of helping people feel younger with the help of multivitamins.

What Is EmzaGold?

Emza Gold offers a single product called Daily Gold. Daily Gold contains all the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthier you. Daily Gold is offered to everyone despite their allergenic aliments. You don't need to worry about whether it contains gluten or soy. Emza Gold has ensured that it is free of both and that everyone no matter their age, ailment, or dietary need can use it.

Daily Gold is jam-packed with all the essential vitamins from B-12, vitamin D, vitamin A and E to magnesium all blended into a smooth liquid form. No more gummies, pills or individual vitamins filling up your medicine cabinet. All you need is one shot of Daily Gold and you are good to go.

The price of Daily Gold is a bit on the expensive side. However, considering all the vitamins that are packed into the bottle, it is relatively inexpensive. A single 31-ounce bottle costs $53.99. You can sign up for the auto-ship and get the product at a discounted price of $43.99 per month.

If you go to the store and try to buy all the vitamins you need to sustain your health, the price is just a few dollars cheaper. But you also have to take into consideration that Daily Gold is a liquid, so it requires more processing than pills.

The Emza Gold Opportunity

While you won't become a millionaire using Emza's business strategy, you can make a few extra dollars. Their business model is set up in four tiers. The higher you rank the more money you can make.

When you first start out, you are signed up as an Affiliate. Once you get ten customers to buy directly from you, your rank becomes an Executive Director. Once you recruit at least three people under you and they reach Executive Director your rank changes to Senior Executive. You do have the option of becoming what the company calls a “Trail Blazer”.

To reach this rank you will need to have a downline of 30 affiliates who each have five customers. Lastly, if you can generate and maintain 15 retail customers and have a downline of 800 affiliates you become National Director.

Unlike other companies that force you to sell $200 dollars per month, Emza is different. All you need to do is sell one bottle per month, that's it. Granted your commission is only $2 per bottle sold, you can see why you won't get very much money unless you go for the gold.

Emza does offer amazing bonuses for the over achievers like trips to Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas and Disney World. They even thrown in spending cash to those that qualify for their bonuses. This may set a little fire under people to stay motivated to sell the Daily Gold.

The Verdict

Emza Gold is a good company to get involved with if you are not strapped for cash. It is perfect for someone who wants a little side business as the demands for selling are low. Emza Gold is by no means a scam as their product, Daily Gold speaks for itself. You will have to work your rear-end off to make any money, though.

Unlike other multivitamins Emza Gold offers a unique spin creating the supplement in liquid form. For people who are sick of taking pills to those who just can't due to health issues, Daily Gold is the best alternative you will find. The company stays true to its goals. While it won't make you a millionaire, it will help you become healthier and feel younger.

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