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Encrypgen has released a blockchain technology called the Gene-Chain that aims to put you in control of your own genetic information. Find out how the Gene-Chain works today in our review.

What Is Encrypgen?

Encrypgen is a company that promises to provide next-generation software for genomic data that empowers patients and donors while facilitating science and medicine in a safe environment.

Basically, Encrypgen is a blockchain-based system that lets you store your own genetic data. You can use the Gene-Chain platform to selectively share your genetic data with certain people – like your doctor, your insurance agency, or a genetic research company.

The company is currently seeking beta deployments. It was founded by philosopher David Koepsell J.D./Ph.D (CEO) as well as Vanessa Gonzalez C. PhD.

Overall, Encrypgen wants to solve a crucial problem in the genetic industry: more and more companies offer genome testing. However, there’s controversy over what they do with this data, and how your genetic data will be used. Encrypgen saw an opportunity to solve these problems using blockchain technology.

How Does The Gene-Chain Work?

The Gene-Chain was created with the goal of sharing data among researchers while also allowing for enhanced security of personal genomic data.

The best way to picture how Gene-Chain works is as a cloud of genomic data that can be freely searched for important and interest meta-data, while still allowing patients to retain access to their genomic data.

Basically, the Gene-Chain consists of publicly available genetic data. Researchers can look at that genetic data. However, the identity of the individual is encrypted and protected.

Users are anonymous. If researchers want to learn more about particular genetic data, they can contact the individual through the Gene-Chain, then offer incentive to that person for sharing their genetic data.

Current data storage solutions are insecure and not suited for genetic data. Centralized servers have been subject to high-profile hacks over the years, and big corporations defend against hackers on a daily basis. Genetic data is becoming an increasingly lucrative target for hackers.

Like other blockchains, the Gene-Chain is a distributed, peer-to-peer, virtually unhackable, immutable, permanent record of transactions. Typically, blockchains store data – like financial transactions. The Gene-Chain stores genomic data.

Here’s how Encrypgen describes the Gene-Chain in their whitepaper:

“The Gene-Chain is a blockchain, pre-populated with thousands of public genomes, and able to accommodate safe storage, search, and browsing of any type of genomic data. It has an open applicaqtion layer on which new apps can be developed.”

Features And Benefits Of The Gene-Chain

The Gene-Chain advertises all of the following features and benefits:

Permanent Record Of Genetic Data

The Gene-Chain allows for the immediate creation of permanent transactions on the blockchain. This means the blockchain works as a complete and permanent record of genetic data. The blockchain also provides transaction data, including times when researchers negotiated with donors or curators to have access to certain genetic data.

Overall, the blockchain wants to provide a method of instantaneous, jurisdiction-appropriate consent. Instead of allowing researchers to access your genetic data in mysterious ways, there’s an immutable record of that transaction on the Gene-Chain.


The Gene-Chain uses several layers of security to ensure your genetic data stays private. There’s the inherent safety created by blockchains (through their use of virtually unhackable encryption).

In addition, Encrypgen has added security features like rotating reference genomes, compression algorithms aided by deep learning software, and time-limited keys, among other security measures.

Platform Agnostic:

Encrypgen wanted to create a platform agnostic system. Today’s genetic storage methods are very platform-specific, which restricts the overall use of genetic data and genetic research. As a platform-agnostic blockchain, the Gene-Chain lets you use whatever browser you prefer while safely storing and securing your data. It is NGS platform agnostic.

Researchers Can Search For Genetic Data:

Researchers and scientists can use the Gene-Chain to access valuable genetic data, which potentially paves the way for enormous medical advances. Researchers can also use the Gene-Chain to reach out to certain patients. Patients are empowered with more control over their data, while researchers enjoy the benefits of big data genome research.

Multiple Applications:

The Gene-Chain blockchain is designed specifically for genetic data. However, like other blockchains, the Gene-Chain is designed to allow developers to build new applications on the blockchain.

The Encrypgen Gene-Chain whitepaper mentions that the blockchain technology could be useful for fields outside genomics, including proteomics, metabolomics, and other big data repositories that require enhanced security and privacy.

Gene Chain Coins:

The Gene-Chain ecosystem revolves around the use of Gene-Chain Coins. This is the medium for transactions on the Gene-Chain, and it’s an exchangeable cryptocurrency in itself

Overall, these features benefit scientists, genetic research organizations, and anyone who has undergone genetic testing.

Encrypgen Gene-Chain Pricing

The Gene-Chain has been released and is currently seeking beta applicants. Introductory pricing is available online through Encrypgen.com. There are three different membership levels. The plans are catered to medical researchers, universities, and corporate clients.

Gene-Chain Link ($35,000 USD)

Link is for organizations with existing storage and analytics solutions who wish to expose selected data to the Gene-Chain, then share that data with the benefits of blockchain (like security, an audit trail, and enhanced privacy). You can plug and play Gene-Chain onto your existing infrastructure.

Gene-Chain Lab ($50,000)

Lab is designed for labs who wish to enhance their storage and computing solutions using Gene-Chain’s deep learning compression algorithms for genetic data. The plan is also for those who wish to expose their data selectively on the blockchain and enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology.

Gene-Chain Commerce ($125,000)

Commerce is the largest Gene-Chain plan available. It’s for those with very large computing capacity and storage needs. Gene-Chain will implement a customized deep-learning system on top of your current platform.

Encrypgen Conclusion

The Gene-Chain is a way to solve a crucial problem in the genetic research industry: we have more genetic data than ever before (thanks to cheap genome testing). However, we don’t have a good way to collectively analyze that data.

Patients struggle to protect their genetic data or understand how it will be used. And organizations often store patient’s genetic data in hackable, centralized servers. Gene-Chain solves that problem using the power of blockchain technology.

Encrypgen’s Gene-Chain recently went live. Today, the blockchains is populated with thousands of genomes and public genomic data. That data is searchable and ready to be accessed by researchers.

The company is providing license fees at introductory rates. Universities, research centers, and corporate clients are encouraged to apply for the beta testing program online today at Encrypgen.com.

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