energy advantage

Energy Advantage is an “insider information” newsletter created with an eye towards providing investors the best data on investing in the energy sector.

The current focus of Energy Advantage is a so-called “Breakthrough Superfuel” – lithium carbonate, which Energy Advantage refers to as “Oro Blanco” (“White Gold”) or “OBL.”

What Is Energy Advantage?

Energy Advantage is a product of Money Map Press and was created by Dr. Kent Moors, an energy adviser that has appeared on Fox News and other television news outlets.

Sadly, Dr. Moors has a strong reputation as a huckster and a bit of a charlatan, with dozens of accounts of how individuals enrolling in his newsletter service have been disappointed by the man's stock picks and other recommendations when it comes to the energy industry.

While Dr. Moors does have his defenders, the number of detractors that have derided him for simply putting together a shoddy product in the form of his newsletter is overwhelming.

Despite this, Dr. Moors persists, coming up with new and interesting energy companies that he recommends to his readers.

Energy Advantage Product

Dr. Moors is currently running a “special offer” on his Energy Advantage newsletter by charging just $39 for a full year's subscription.

However, you're getting more than just a monthly newsletter. In fact, Dr. Moors includes five additional bonuses in the form of his special reports on the “OBL fuel” market.

These reports, entitled The White Gold Rush, FutureGrid, Shock and Awe, The OBL Gatekeeper, and The OBL Billionaire's Network, combined with a year's worth of Energy Advantage, supposedly have a $594 value.

Dr. Moors also offers a $79 package deal that increases the Energy Advantage subscription to a two-year duration.

This two-year subscription also includes additional reports written by Dr. Moors entitled Sweet Texas Tea, Total Domination, and Harness Solar's Emerging Super Stars. A bonus book entitled The Great Game is also included.

Energy Advantage Opportunity

The good doctor is currently on fire about his lithium “OBL fuel.”

To some degree his enthusiasm is warranted thanks to the pivotal role lithium plays in the construction of almost every electronic device that requires rechargeable batteries ranging from smartphones to electric vehicles.

Dr. Moors swears he has the fast track to a few lithium mining companies that are poised to explode with profitability, and he's exhorting anyone that will listen to invest in these companies heavily.

In fact, Dr. Moors is estimating a miraculous 12,300 percent stock price increase over the next few years for these companies.

Enrolling in Energy Advantage will supposedly prime investors for this event, leading to a major windfall when this massive increase in value occurs.

Energy Advantage Verdict

While Dr. Moors' enthusiasm for “OBL fuel” may be admirable, most energy industry investing advisers agree that his estimates for incredible growth are grossly over-exaggerated.

While lithium is indeed incredibly useful, it's not necessarily that rare – it's just tedious and labor-intensive to mine and refine. This makes betting on lithium mining and production akin to putting your eggs in one basket.

Sadly, Dr. Moors seems to have built a reputation for being a tireless cheerleader for “the next big thing” when it comes to energy investment, and his track record is rather spotty.

Additionally, the hard-sell tactics he uses have been criticized for playing fast and loose with the truth – and the fact that he insists on calling lithium “Oro Blanco” has left more than a few of his colleagues scratching their heads, wondering just what in the world he's going on about.

As a result, we're not entirely sure how how reliable Dr. Moors' investment advice truly is when it comes down to it. The possibilities range from completely correct (unlikely) to marginally correct (more likely) to completely wrong (just as likely).

We would exercise caution if you decide to become an Energy Advantage subscriber; you may want to conduct some independent research into lithium mining investments before pulling the trigger on any advice Dr. Moors provides you.

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