Entrepreneur 360 Review

In 2015 Entrepreneur Magazine released its first Entrepreneur 360 Performance Index. Entrepreneur wanted to help small business owners and entrepreneurs get some publicity and recognition.


About Entrepreneur 360

Ryan Shea is the current president of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Amy C. Cosper is the editor-in-chief. The magazine was founded in 1977 and is still circulating over 600,000 publications a year. Entrepreneur is well known for its Top 500 Franchise list and several of the other contests that they run.

The company's official website launched in 1987, with the launch came new contests and features. Currently Entrepreneur Media, Inc. has an official website, a published magazine, social media accounts and is widely known throughout the US and surrounding countries.

In 2014 the company began taking applications for the first ever Entrepreneur 360. Small business owners and entrepreneurs enter their business with the appropriate information for an opportunity to make the list. This contest allows entrepreneurs a chance to gain more public recognition and acknowledgement.

The blog has a How To section, Top 50, Latest Info and an Events section. Entrepreneur remains successful after 40 years being in business. To be represented by such a publication can hold very good results for up and coming applicants.

The Products

There are no actual products or purchases to be made. The process to apply is all rather simple. Entrepreneurs and business owners fill out an application for the Entrepreneur 360 on the website. There are no hidden fees or sign-up costs required, it is absolutely free!

In order to meet the standards for qualification your business has to be privately owned and cannot be a franchise. One of the company's original founders has to be currently involved with the regular operations of the business on a regular basis.

The following information must also be presented. All documents have to be up to date and dating back 3 years:

  • Gross Sales
  • Target Growth Rates
  • Cost of Operation
  • Any Funding Received
  • Number of Employees

All of this information is examined from all angles and the best out of the bunch is who makes the list. Entrepreneur is looking for the best company and the most involved owners and founders.

The Opportunity

The opportunities that come from making the Entrepreneur 360 Performance Index list can be endless. There is no money involved in any way, but there is recognition. You get a chance to tell the businesses story, who you are and why you started. It is an opportunity to become known and make connections.

Aside from the obvious recognition and exposure there are some other benefits that come with the 360. Entrepreneurs will receive access to many benefits and other business relation opportunities. The networking opportunities are amazing. Every great business owner has great networking skills backed by an incredible network of partners.Your company will also receive media coverage direct from Entrepreneur.

While there is no immediate opportunity involved that consists of making money, that will come later. The recognition the company receives will ultimately draw in more customers. Your revenue will increase and there is opportunity for you to network with others all throughout the United States.

The Verdict

Entrepreneur Media, Inc. has been in business for over 40 years, that's 4 decades of watching the world of business evolve. The company is designed to help smaller businesses and entrepreneurs become known. The recognition and exposure is only a part of the benefits to be received.

The opportunity for little businesses and entrepreneurs is immense. There is no money required to enter and nothing is expected of you other than being a great business. It sounds like a win/win situation for all parties involved.

It is safe to say that the verdict pertaining to Entrepreneur 360 remains on the high end of positive. The verdict is based on the amount of time the business has been operating, how well it has been operating throughout the years and the manner in which they conduct any and all business. To remain in business for over 4 decades and still be in good standing with the people is a major feat. Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Is and A+ company who holds A+ reviews.


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