Evil Traffic Magician Review

What happens when a 32 year old dad from Arkansas infiltrates the inner circles of the world’s best traffic experts? You get an Evil Traffic Magician. Here’s our much-anticipated review.

What is the Evil Traffic Magician?

Evil Magician, found at evilmagician.co, is a new online traffic training eBook that promises to teach you everything you need to know about traffic generation.

The website lures you in with a catchy headline that looks like this:

“In the last 48 months, this 32 year old Arkansas dad secretly traveled around the United States and infiltrated the inner circles of the world’s top online traffic and conversion experts.”

Basically, this guy claims to have talked to traffic experts across the United States and has taken note of their “backroom discussions”. Now, he wants to share those traffic discussions with you in exchange for a fee.

The site launched in October 2015 with a flurry of promotions, press releases, and media activity.

Who is the Evil Traffic Magician?

The “32 year old Arkansas dad” in charge of EvilMagician.co is named Ben Adkins. On the site, there’s a picture of himself with his wife and his 4 year old son. He claims that he’s a “not so smart guy” but he still found a way to supercharge his online traffic to increase the profitability of his websites.

Ben doesn’t talk much about himself or his personal business ventures. He does casually mention things like how he’s made “millions of dollars” online and purchased “countless $1k+” dinners and lunches for people. It’s up to you whether or not you choose to believe that.

How Does Evil Traffic Magician Work?

Evil Traffic Magician teaches you that there are two types of traffic available in the online marketing world:

-Scale Fast Traffic

-Money Poor Traffic

Scale fast traffic involves investing money into paid advertising to get your message in front of people. This is great for those who are already millionaires and can have a $10,000 campaign fail, but it’s not ideal for average Joes. In Ben’s own words, “I knew I couldn’t use this type of traffic to build a business online.”

The second type of traffic, money poor traffic, is what Ben was really interested in. Money poor traffic “took up a little more of your time to implement but it was completely free.”

Eventually, Ben used money poor traffic strategies to build his online empire, at which point he was wealthy enough to start taking flights to marketing conventions across America. He attended conferences in Vegas, for example, where he would chat up some of the world’s premiere marketing experts.

What’s the point of attending conferences? Ben answers this by saying that “Within about 3 hours of being at my first conference, I had learned more about driving targeted traffic than I had in 6 months sitting in front of a computer.”

Inspired by his rapid traffic education, Ben decided to attend more and more conferences.

The rest, as you know, is history: Ben collected all of this knowledge, condensed it, packaged it up in a convenient way, then sold it for people like you and me to digest.

The lessons from all of these traffic generation strategies are what you’re getting when you buy Evil Traffic Magician.

How to Buy Evil Traffic Magician

Evil Traffic Magician is available at a price of $99.95.

Ben promises that the price of his eBook is going to rapidly increase over the next few months. He will raise the price to $149.95 when he sells 300 copies and raise it to $199.95 when he sells 500 copies. For every 50 copies he sells thereafter, the price will rise $50.

Anyways, it’s October 28, 2015 and the price is still $99.95. So if you’re reading this in the distant future, and the price is still $99.95, then you know that he either hasn’t sold 300 copies or the promise was false to begin with (I honestly don’t know which situation is more likely).

You can buy the eBook using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.

After making the purchase, you can choose to receive the eBook to any email address. The products will be instantly delivered to your inbox.

What’s Included with Evil Traffic Magician?

As justification for your $100 purchase, Evil Traffic Magician comes with a number of bonus products and core products. Here’s what you get when you buy Evil Traffic Magician:

Part 1: Evil Audience Research

This core product of Evil Traffic Magician includes lessons on how to convey real product values to real people (i.e. your future customers). Some of the topics include:

-My Core Creation Formula

-The Audience Insight Trick

-The SimilarWeb Trick

-The BuzzSumo Trick

Part 2: Evil Free Traffic Tricks

This part of the eBook discusses how to drive traffic using the best free methods that generate the maximum possible sales – which is something we can all agree everybody wants to do on the internet. Some of the lessons include:

-The Affiliate Grabber Trick

-The FB Comment Rider Trick

-The WordPress Alarm Trick

-The John Forum Hancock Trick

-The Trust Trojan Horse Trick

Part 3: Evil Paid Traffic Tricks

In this section, you’ll learn the best paid traffic generation tips you can use to drive traffic to your sites and products online, including:

-The Faux Friend Ad Trick

-The 5 Dollar Alien Trick

-The Celebrity Endorsement Trick

-The FB Ad Robot

-The Banner or Bust Trick

-The Ad Spy and Copy Trick

Part 4: Celebrity Traffic Tricks

This section covers the unique tips and tricks Ben has learned while traveling across America talking to traffic generation experts. There are things in this section that can’t really be found elsewhere on the internet.

Some of this section’s tips include how to “go viral” on Twitter and Instagram and how to use basic tools like Facebook ads to “make money daily.”

Some tips include:

-The Viral Traffic Shakeup Trick

-The Google Images Traffic Trick

-The FB Funnel Power Trick

-The Ecom Ad Target Lock in Trick

-The Social Video SEO Trick

-The Twitter Bomb Trick

-The Instagram Traffic Trick

Bonus 1: Evil Copy Magician

This is a “copywriting formula that is responsible for millions of dollars in income.” Ben claims you can plug your product into this formula to easily create excellent copy that generates real conversions online.

Bonus 2: Celebrity Traffic Tricks Extended

Dozens of additional traffic tricks from real online marketing celebrities like Shane Hunter, Bill McIntosh, and Chris Record.

Bonus 3: 24/7 Private Mastermind Group

This is a Facebook group where you can get instant feedback on your traffic generation strategies and “join one of the most active and knowledgeable online marketing” groups on the planet while also interacting with Ben himself.

Still not convinced this is all worth $100? Ben claims he deliberated over the $100 price tag after considering all the money he sunk into the endeavor over the last few years. Some of his claimed costs include:

-“Over 30 flights in the last 48 months” (over $40,000 investment)

-$20,000 to $30,000 in event tickets

-$40,000 in “private mastermind fees” that he paid to become members of various organizations

-“Countless $1k+ dinner tabs” and “countless $1k+ bar and drink tabs”

-“Thousands of hours spent masterminding and taking notes with the world’s smart minds in online traffic”

Basically, Ben claims that all of the hard work he has done over the last 48 months is worth your $100 because he has personally paid out quite a bit of his own money to collect that knowledge.

Conclusion: Who Should Join Evil Traffic Magician?

Evil Traffic Magician is an online eBook training program that specializes in traffic generation strategies. Most of the traffic generation strategies cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.

The real question is whether Evil Magician is really the “evil magician” he claims to be. Ben doesn’t explain how he’s made money online – he just lists figures like “millions of dollars” and expects people to believe him.

Whether you choose to believe Ben is an “evil traffic magician” or not – or if his lessons are worth $100 or not – is up to you.

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