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Exitus Elite is an all in one business platform. You are given your own website and back office to help you run the business. Plus you get capture pages and training to get the business off and running.

What is Exitus Elite?

Mr. Paul Stevenson is listed as the registered owner of Exitus Elite. The site is also listed as being registered from the United Kingdom February 2016. Mr. Stevenson does have over 25 years in network marketing. However, his previous product launches included “Prosperity Cash Machine” in which you had to pay $175 into the matrix to earn any commissions.

Mr. Stevenson also had another business model he developed called “Exitus Network”. That site, however, went under in 2014 and he has basically renamed it “Exitus Elite” and trying again.

The Product

With Exitus Elite you are basically buying an educational package. This educational package covers four categories, Marketing, Health and Wellness and Professional Development and Personal Development. All of which are entitled “Genesis Product Package” with a price tag of $1,995.

Each category has several videos and books that you can go over, but exactly how they help the business is not clear. Yet, in order to get all this amazingly vague information, you have to first become a member. The cost of membership for Exitus Elite is $299 annually. If you want to make money by becoming an affiliate you have to pay $1,000.

The Opportunity

So, by now you may be wondering what you have to do to make money. With Exitus Elite it is all about recruiting people under you. Unlike other commission based programs, this one is a bit different. Your first recruit that pays $1,000 to join to the program isn't yours. In fact, that money is sent to the person above you in the tier. Only after your second recruit will you get the $1,000 and $1,000 for every other person you recruit.

As for the materials that are offered as the “Genesis Package” they aren't available for individual sales. Plus there really isnít any training that teaches you how to make the most from the information that is given.

The Verdict

When you first visit the website, you immediately see that you won't be cold-calling, explaining or selling. How this system is great for everyone. However, in order to make money from the system, that is exactly what you have to do. You have to sell the product and get others to sign up as affiliates under you in order to make commissions.

So, how exactly is that not selling? Granted, you are not selling any products, you are selling memberships. According to the website you don't have to sell, explain, recruit or anything like that. Yet, at the same time that is exactly what you have to do if you want to get a commission. Talk about a contradiction.

That should tell you right there everything you need to know about the system and the company. They will say anything to get people to sign up and pay the $1,000 to become an affiliate.

The “Genesis Package” is educational tools and videos that you can get for free online through Youtube.com. That alone tells you that the product isn't worth the $1,995 that Exitus Elite is selling it for.

Another thing that you have to be really careful about is that once you are in, there is no going back.

If you handed over the $1,000 to join the affiliate ranks, you basically just handed over that money to the person in your upline and there are no refunds.

As stated on the site payments are member to member and that members use payment methods like Bank Wire, Cashiers Checks or even Cash sent by FedEx or UPS. Are you starting to get an idea that Exitus Elite is basically a gift giving program?

Everything down from the landing page to the products being sold has contradictions. The program specifically says no selling, yet that is what they want you to do. The methods of payment are by ways that can't be reversed. Once the money is out of your hands, itís gone.

One more thing that you have to be vigilant about is getting people to sign up to be an affiliate. But your first sale doesn't go to you. It goes to the person above you.

All your hard work is wasted and is passed on to someone else. So unless you can get more than one person to sign up under you, you won't make any money what so ever.

Your best bet is to steer clear of the system. Don't buy into the hype that is surrounding the company. If anything can be said about Mr. Stevenson, he sells the exact same model with new paint. And since his other systems have tanked it is almost certain this one will too.

If you think about the payment processor, the products, and the membership it all seems to go nowhere. For $1,299 you get absolutely nothing of value.

It would seem that you would do better at the slots in Vegas, than trying your luck with this program. At least in Vegas, you know the house wins 99% of the time. All this program does is sell you false hope with shiny paint that claims you can make $200,000 a month.

Don't buy into it. And certainly, don't believe some of the reviews that claim that the site is legit. It is not due to the fact you donít get anything for the money you spend.

It may be cloaked as a training Program but there is no training to be had. The little information you are given you can find online for free.

The commissions that you get, if you get any at all, stem from recruiting people to sign up for the membership. You don't sell the Genesis Package; you sell membership which is sent in the form of cash, check or wire transfer.

By now you should see the red flags and understand that this opportunity is a high-risk investment with little to no return.

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