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Expert Secrets is a book that teaches readers how to market and brand themselves and their own expertise as an expert in a chosen field.

What Is Expert Secrets?

Expert Secrets is the brainchild of Russell Brunson, an entrepreneur who made his fortune in online sales and marketing.

He's also the founder of ClickFunnels, a web-based sales funnel service that provides an all-in-one service for individuals looking to market their own products and services online without the hassle of making everything themselves from scratch.

Brunson has also authored several personal development books, many of which follow along the same topic of Expert Secrets.

He is a popular inspirational speaker and business coach who spends time touring the country and presenting at seminars alongside a number of other successful entrepreneurs, many of whom have used Brunson's business strategies to great effect.

Expert Secrets Product

Expert Secrets is a 267-page paperback book that contains secrets and information that Brunson has developed over the years as tactics and strategies for promoting and marketing yourself.

The book covers several different topics related to successfully marketing yourself.

The core concept is “bringing people to your value ladder” to show them that the product or service you have on offer is one that they want or need.

Brunson presents strategies for accomplishing this through a mix of real-world examples, showing ways to bridge the gap between time, effort, and money spent on advertising and successful sales campaigns.

The book normally retails for $19.99. However, Brunson is providing copies of Expert Secrets at a deep discount through his website; the book is free, and customers need only pay $7.95 shipping in the United States ($14.95 for international shipping).

Brunson provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, promising to refund the cost of shipping for any customer who is not completely satisfied with their purchase of Expert Secrets.

Expert Secrets Opportunity

Expert Secrets presents an opportunity to gain access to very low-cost but high-value business advice from someone who has proven to be a highly effective online marketer.

While there's no direct income opportunity associated with Expert Secrets, the possibility exists that the knowledge contained within the book will help you maximize your own online sales and marketing efforts, leading to overall higher income.

Expert Secrets Verdict

Expert Secrets looks like a good buy to us, especially considering the low potential risk and high potential reward associated with the product.

There's quite literally no risk involved in purchasing a copy of Expert Secrets. The most you'll pay is $14.95 for international shipping, which is still less than the cover price of the book itself.

In fact, that's still less than the $15.15 sale price for the book on Amazon.

Additionally, thanks to Brunson's 100% satisfaction guarantee, you're not even on the hook for that much if you feel the book isn't going to be helpful for your own entrepreneurial goals.

With such low risk, the possibility that you'll get at least something out of this book is rather high.

Even if much of the book may be subtly – or not-so-subtly – encouraging you to join Brunson's subscription-based ClickFunnels sales funnel service, there's likely to be at least enough information held within that will provide at least a marginal boost to your own marketing efforts as an MLM or affiliate marketer.

As long as you're aware that there probably will be a pitch for ClickFunnels somewhere in the book, there's likely no harm to be had in reading it.

Finally, how refreshing is it to be offered an actual physical product instead of an overpriced digital one?

Many so-called “gurus” offer expensive e-book courses for much more; while these products might have worth, you don't even get a physical book. For the amount you usually end up paying, it seems the least these companies could do.

Brunson has them beat with an incredibly affordable, real paperback book that likely has plenty of good information in it on running your own successful sales campaigns. We say give it a try.


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