Extole Review

When you need to use software in your everyday life for marketing, consider joining Extole where you will find extreme value in using your software as a service marketing tool. The company has created a virtual online referral system for marketers to use to get their word out there with very minimal effort.


About Extole

In roughly 2006, Matt Roche and his team dared to think outside the box and developed a way for marketing agents to be free to use different software programs than just the SaaP (software as a product) they had bought for their PCs. This plan blossomed into Adobe Target that allows users to access SaaS (software as a service) and removes the restrictions of SaaP.

Inspired by this great success, the team then went further with their ideas. This is where Extole comes alive. The referral approach has been revolutionized by allowing marketers to utilize the Internet without limit in order to draw consumers without the hassle of SEO and SOA. Extole has attracted extremely popular companies such as Microsoft, Staples, and Starbucks because it does the job of a successful marketing agent.

The Product

Extole offers customers a place to market their products or services to attract consumers through referrals. Entrepreneurs cannot underestimate the value of refer-a-friend programs and Extole is the place to start. The website has a few things to offer customers:

  • Versatile templates for websites or apps
  • Codes that are personalized for sharing
  • Refer-a-friend testimonials, customized to your products
  • Tracking the sources of refer-a-friend customers (Social Media versus email/websites)
  • Quick returns on rewards for customer satisfaction
  • Diversity of rewards to appeal to different customers
  • Spreadsheets and analyzed data to show the results from your refer-a-friend program
  • Transferring your program into a mobile app for customer convenience

In addition, Extole offers other tools on the site with tips on how to really utilize your refer-a-friend program. These tools include blogs, webinars, and even how-to videos for customers to understand how easy it is to get business through this outlet.


The Opportunity

Although there is no revenue that you can earn directly from Extole when you sign up for their products, the return on investment for your company will skyrocket when used to the fullest capacity. The refer-a-friend marketing tool can be an essential column in building your business. Extole makes that easy for those business owners that may not have the time or the resources to develop a platform on their own. By using Extole and their tools you can expect your business to gain traffic and returning, loyal customers from the refer-a-friend program they help you design.


The Verdict

How do you know that Extole is a reputable company that you can trust to help you take your company to the next level? Simple, they are loved by their consumers. With outstanding reviews from current customers and a showcase of big brand companies that have used them, you know you are in great hands with Extole.

Shanie Cunningham from Boden writes, “Extole’s solution lets us control all these moving parts and also lets us analyze and optimize campaigns separately to achieve the best results.”

Heath Bradbury with Advanced Auto Parts explains, “The flexibility of the Extole platform has really enabled us to tweak and modify our referral program for optimal results…the program continues to stay fresh and produces great results.”

Through these and many other testimonials, you can see that Extole is current with the times and all the mobility of technology. Saas is something that every company needs to have access to in order to further their success and increase revenue. Extole allows an easy relationship between the two with a user-friendly program that any individual can use.

Big brand companies such as AAA, Intuit, and Walmart have also partnered with Extole with the belief that referrals through refer-a-friend programs are an essential tool for attracting customers and retaining loyal customers for years to come.

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