Everything You Need to Know About Facebook PPC

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. It’s the second most-visited website on the planet. It’s a huge marketing opportunity – and it’s about time you learned how to launch a good pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign through Facebook business.

Today, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about launching a successful, profitable, and effective pay-per-click marketing campaign with the Facebook Lead Ads platform.

It is likely that everyone on the planet who has regular internet access has went to Facebook.com and created an account/profile to interact and connect with the world at large. What is not so likely for everyone with those “it's free and always will be” Facebook user accounts, is how they make their money and why it is such a powerhouse in the digital world and it comes down to 3 little letters – ADS.

Yes, advertising is how Facebook makes all of its money and is valued in the billions and billions of dollars is because of their ability and reach to display so many ads to so many people directly to their interests, hobbies and past history of searches and likes.

And the other little 3 letter noteworthy topic of interest would be none other than PPC.

That is where we will begin our Facebook pay per click advertising training guide and marketing strategies to give you a better idea of how they work and why you should be doing it if you are a business, entrepreneur or even interested spectator on why Facebook is such a valued company.

Facebook Pay Per Click is Cheap and Extremely Easy to Target

First, let’s talk about why you might want to add Facebook.com PPC to your online marketing skillset. There are two main advantages of Facebook PPC:

  • It’s cheap and relatively easy to setup/use
  • It’s extremely easy to target your demographic
  • The whole world uses it, potentially massive audience

With a little experience, you can lower your cost per click as low as $0.02. Some of the most talented and versatile Facebook Ad Campaign experts pay even less than that for quality, highly-selective targeted traffic (if done right of course). Before we begin, this is why we must always mention the meaningful importance of getting/following/finding a mentor as a shortcut to show you the ropes and get started better.

Facebook also has one more advantage: they tend to approve ads more quickly. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the 15 hours it takes Google to approve your ads, then you’ll appreciate the 15 to 20 minute response times from Facebook’s PPC ad approval team.

Of course it is worth bring up that just as fast as you get approved you can also get banned/removed all together if you do anything sideways/harmful/inappropriate/misleading etc.

How FB Pay Per Click Marketing Works

There’s no better way to learn about Facebook PPC than Facebook’s own website. Facebook’s Business page features countless tutorials that walk you through the entire process. They’re short enough to read through in a few minutes and they feature up-to-date graphics that show you exactly what you need to do.

Remember: the official Facebook.com is free and always will be – why? Because Facebook makes most of its income from PPC advertisers, marketers, promoters and branders. They’ve made it as easy as possible to launch Facebook advertisements for your business because they have the whole world at your fingertips waiting to see what you have to offer (of value ideally). You can learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/business

Facebook separates its tutorials into four broad sections as well as smaller subsections:

  1. Drive Online Sales:
  2. Increase Local Sales
  3. Promote Your App
  4. Raise Brand Awareness

All four sections cover the same subcategories. You get to learn how to setup a business page, reach customers, boost your page to reach more people, track customer actions, choose your advertising audience, and remarket your ads to people who have already visited your site.

Mastering Facebook PPC Marketing Management

Facebook PPC strategies, like most pay per click techniques, take a lot of trial and error to master. You just need to throw yourself out there, create campaigns, track their performance, and tweak, tweak, tweak. Just like they say it requires 7 years or 10,000 hours of practice and experience in order to truly master a skill.

But remember, this is why we recommend the best Facebook PPC training course below that gives you an over the shoulder, on the go instructional manual and video course on how to generate traffic and leads through Facebook.com business marketing advertisements.

Nevertheless, there are some great tips you can still use to kickstart your Facebook PPC campaign:

-Start with An Eyegrabbing Picture That’s Impossible to Scroll Past: Facebook is a picture-dominated website. We mostly scroll through it to look at pictures of friends and family. A successful PPC campaign uses a picture that draws readers’ eyes instantly. For some demographics, that’s a scantily-clad woman (although you have to be very careful with this on Facebook). For other demographics, it’s pictures of money, cars, or vacation destinations.

-Choose a Headline to Match: The picture is almost always the first thing a reader will see on your advertisement. The headline is the next thing they’ll see. Write a headline that makes people curious about your ad. Nobody cares about your brand (unless your brand is famous). Make a headline that makes people laugh or gets them interested. Polish it off with some excellent ad copy and your call to action.

-Test and Run Multiple Versions and Ads: Run multiple ads and edit them until you’re satisfied with the results. PPC experts are rarely 100% satisfied with their advertisements, so you’ll get used to repeating this process and running more and more ads.

-Make Sure Your Landing Pages Are Perfect: One of the worst rookie mistakes to make with PPC is to spend hours creating the perfect Facebook ad – and then ignore your landing page. You’re paying big money for all this traffic and your landing page needs to convert that traffic if you want to make a profit. At the most basic level, your landing page needs to have a clear call to action that corresponds to what was promised in your advertisement. If you promised readers 5 tips on internet marketing, then your landing page should deliver those 5 tips and then feature an email newsletter signup form.

Tips and Tricks – Read Facebook PPC Case Studies

Some of the best sources of information for FB pay per click are Facebook PPC case studies. These case studies explain how much was spent, how much was made, and lessons learned along the way.

It’s the same things you would learn if you tried Facebook PPC yourself – you just don’t have to pay anything.

Some of the best Facebook PPC case studies out there include:

-This guy from ViperChill.com who started out as a Facebook PPC beginner and made $1,000 profit in his first week: http://www.viperchill.com/ppc-case-study/

This guy from PPCHero.com who spent $500 per day optimizing a client’s Facebook PPC presence in the education niche after noticing that Google AdWords numbers were trickling lower

This 253% ROI Facebook PPC advertising case study from Zac Johnson (ZacJohnson.com), where he explains how he targeted 300,000 users with a single advertising campaign

Conclusion: Realize that Facebook Ads Only Work for Some Niches

When a Facebook PPC campaign works, it really works. The opposite is also true: in some niches, Facebook advertising just doesn’t work.

Some of the niches that seem to work really well with Facebook advertising are:

-Education and career training

-Fashion and jewelry

-Non-US niches

On the other hand, Facebook PPC doesn’t typically work well with niches catered to young or tech-savvy people (with some exceptions).

If you can keep these lessons in mind, you’ll be a Facebook PPC master in no time.

Recommended Facebook PPC Training System

Do you want the best in FB PPC Advertising & Business Marketing Tips? Then we have a special surprise for you because this is a dynamite interactive training tutorial along with a private Facebook community group discussing all about PPC strategies.

What Is FB PPC Traffic Mastery Course?

I am not supposed to be doing this, but the truth is; the information, knowledge, and experience about Facebook PPC marketing and advertising for businesses and brands shared in Justin Verrengia's how-to guide on making, earning, and producing hundreds of thousands of leads and dollars in just a few short years.

Here is a once-in-a-life-time inside look (that I might get in trouble for sharing) just to show you they mean business and have this ALL mapped out for you to learn a timeless skill and ability to scale targeted traffic and quality visitors at will just like they have.

Welcome Video (Start Here)

Module / Week 1 : Getting Started In the Trenches

Download Worksheet #1 – Knowing Your Target Audience

Download Worksheet #2 – Jedi Mind Tricks (Solutions to their problems)

Download BIG Picture Process Map

Module / Week 2 : Let The Ads Begin

Module / Week 3: Converting Leads Into Sales

Hypnotic Story Structure (Simplified Story Outline to follow for your FB ads)

Module / Week 4: Maximizing Revenue

7-25-14 Module / Week 5: Bonus Session

9-20-14 Bonus Module / Custom Audiences & Scaling up

11-8-14 Bonus Module / Keyword Research, Ad Frequency And Q&A

1-10-15 Bonus Module / Video Domination + Q&A

3-23-15 Bonus Module / 2015 Facebook Updates

Bonus – “7 Figure Attraction Marketing” Live From Charlotte

This is going to be the most meaningful insight and profitable path to intelligent innovation in terms of using Facebook's business to business, peer to peer platform to leverage your product, brand, service, opportunity and message.

But wait, there is more inside this well thought-out, results-driven, currently-working, strategy-rich enhanced Facebook PPC campaign course.


Bonus Facebook PPC Training Tutorials

This section of the course is designed to give you quick and to the point micro trainings on particular topics. My recommendation to gain the highest and best use out of this training course is to begin with the complete training course under the “FB PPC Traffic Mastery Course” tab first. Then use this section after as a quick reference gateway. Many more of these videos are being worked on and will be added here soon as they are finished so check back soon.

Post Engagement Ad Posting

Click To Website Ad Posting

Watching Numbers And Scaling

How NOT To Get An Account Banned

Important Document – Regarding Facebook Accounts

And of course:

Pay Per Click Bonus FAQ Videos

This 4 week workshop product was originally recorded earlier this year then completely replaced when we redid it later on in the year to provide you with the most up to date value. Below you will find access to these original videos as an added bonus:

Module 1 Bonus: Facebook PPC Best Practices Training

Download Worksheet #1 – Knowing Your Target Audience

Download Worksheet #2 – Jedi Mind Tricks (Solutions to their problems)

Download BIG Picture Process Map

Module 2 Bonus: Optimize Facebook Advertising Lead Campaigns

Module 3 Bonus: FB Pay Per Click For Marketing Your Business

Hypnotic Story Structure (Simplified Story Outline to follow for your FB ads)

Module 4 Bonus: Making Money With Facebook PPC

Buying Facebook Pay Per Click Training Strategies

It is worth mentioning that should you intend on buying Facebook training courses about pay per click advertising and marketing campaign insight, that you will still have to roll up your sleeves and take what knowledge and experience and expertise you absorb and put your own spin into it.

There is a difference between a newbie marketer and an all star super marketer, much like playing in the minors or majors, college or professional.

What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads were recently introduced by Facebook. The new advertisements promise to simplify the conversion process for advertisers and consumers. Here’s what you need to know about the ads.

What Are They?

Facebook lead advertisements work exactly like the name suggests: they help you generate leads.

They do this by making it easier for advertisers to get information from future customers: like emails, names, job titles, and other info.

The process is smooth and easy for Facebook users: they never need to leave Facebook to enter this information. Instead, the opt-in form appears directly on the advertisement and the customer can enter all of their information right there. There’s no need to convince that person to visit a third-party website because they never have to leave the site they’re on – Facebook.

Ultimately, this process promises to make lead generation through Facebook easier than ever.

The Opt-In Forms Are Pre-Filled

One of the best parts about Facebook lead ads is that the opt-in forms are already pre-filled with the user’s information. Obviously, Facebook has most of this information already. So when a user indicates that they’re interested in an ad, and clicks, say, the “subscribe” button, they’ll see that their email address and other required contact information is already there.

How it Works

Step 1) The User Sees an Ordinary Facebook Ad

The Facebook lead ad looks basically the same as a regular lead ad. The only major difference is a “Sign Up” button that can be placed on the ad.

Step 2) The User Clicks the Sign Up Button

The user will click the Sign Up button if they’re interested in your product. After clicking that button, they’ll see a field that says “email”. Their email address should already be filled in (provided that Facebook has your email address, which they almost definitely do).

Step 3) Conversion Confirmed

After the signup process is complete, the user sees a confirmation window saying “You’re All Set”. Then, the user sees a link below that says “Visit [your site]” if they want to visit your site immediately after signing up.

Why Facebook Lead Ads Are Valuable for Advertisers

Facebook has had interactive advertisements for a while now. These advertisements have allowed users to do things like RSVP for events, like a Facebook business page, install apps, or get special discount codes – all without leaving the advertisement or exiting Facebook.

So why are Facebook ads such a big deal? Here are some of the reasons that they’re so valuable to advertisers:

You Can Get More Than Just An Email

Typically, when you ask someone to sign up for your newsletter, you’re trading that newsletter (or an eBook, or whitepaper, or whatever) for just an email address. Sometimes, you get a name.

But advertisers often need more than that.

What if you want to know someone’s job title to find out if they’re a legitimate prospect? What if you want their phone number? What if you need to know where they’re located and you want a zip code?

Facebook lead ads let you request this information and have it automatically filled out for you.

Capture Leads Without Needing to Build a Landing Page

Creating a landing page can be expensive and time-consuming. You might have to perform extensive conversion optimization, A/B testing, rewriting, redesigns, etc.

Facebook lead ads let you throw that process out the window. There’s no need to build an additional step between your advertisement and your offer – because the ads eliminate that step.

You Get the Person’s Real Information

Let’s be honest: we’ve all signed up for someone’s eBook using an email address we don’t use. Personally, I have an old email address I use to sign up for all free eBooks and newsletters I come across online. I even have a fake name with that account.

When someone signs up through Facebook lead ads, they’re using the same email they used to sign up for Facebook – which is probably their mail email address.

You also get more accurate information – like a real name and real location. If you’ve had trouble getting honest information out of your customers, then Facebook lead ads can help stop this problem.

Fewer Steps Between your Audience and your Offer

Any time there’s an extra step between your audience and your offer, your conversion rate will go down. If 10% of people click on your ad, then those people will visit your landing page. And then out of those 10% of people who visit your landing page, only 1 out of 10 will sign up for your offer, which gives you a conversion rate of 1% from Facebook.

By eliminating the second step, you can capture more people. Those 10% of people who clicked on your ad were interested in your product, and now the signup form is right in front of them. Not all of those 10% will convert, but you’ll have a higher conversion rate than if your ad took users outside of Facebook.

Ultimately, Facebook lead ads help advertisers get information and conversions from users without ever forcing those users to leave Facebook. It’s a win-win solution.

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