Fast Cash Biz 2.0 is an automated binary options trading platform. The system is free to use, but in order to start trading you must deposit $250 into your account.

What Is Fast Cash Biz 2.0?

The site was first registered June 2013. It was then updated on June 2016 and repainted as Fast Cash Biz 2.0. According to, the site is set to private so it is unclear exactly who runs the site.

However, according to the video both for Fast Cash Biz and the 2.0 version two names come up, Maddison Clark and David Graham. There isn't much information about either person.

It is possible that they could be actors who were hired for the specific purpose of creating this video. Either way, if the site isn't completely honest with who runs or owns it, be cautious.

The Product

There isn't a real product for Fast Cash Biz 2.0. What you get is a trading platform that is similar to so many others out there today. You are required to make a small deposit in order to get the ball rolling and start trading.

You have to sign up with your name and email. The site mentions that it has a lot of different brokers you can pick from. But once you sign up you are given a random broker that may or may not be licensed or regulated.

Once your money is in the offshore account, there is no telling what happens next. The system may say that you are trading and the trades have gone south. But with an unregulated broker, you won't know this. All you will see is you funds dwindling down to nothing.

You can try to contact them, but finding a legit phone number, address or any means of communication will be difficult. The site claims to be readily available through Skype, email, chat, phone, but none of those methods are available if something goes wrong.

The Verdict

What is interesting though is the name of the site. Fast Cash Biz implies that there is actually a business going on and doesn't really fit what the site actually does. You wouldn't think by the title of the site that is it a binary options trading platform.

Another interesting thing is that when you earn from trading assets and stocks, you would receive payment from your broker's account. When you scroll through Fast Cash Biz you will see images of people holding checks with large sums of money printed on them.

In the upper corner you will notice that the check is from Fast Cash Biz and not the broker. This is a huge red flag. It would seem that the only purpose for these images is to show that Fast Cash Biz 2.0 pays. The sad reality is though, is that it doesn't.

If you sign up you should be prepared for what is to come. The sales team for Fast Cash Biz 2.0 will begin calling you right away making sure you deposit funds into your account. The phone calls won't stop even if you do deposit money.

They will call whenever they want to get you to put more and more into your account. It doesn't matter if the system actually makes you money, they will call. So just be prepared for that.

You should also be prepared for the emails. It is almost as if they sell your information to everyone. Your inbox will suddenly be loaded with ads from other investing sites to get you to spend money there too.

To avoid all the headaches that are attached to this site, it would be best to avoid it. Don't sign up and don't fall for the introduction video that paints you a pretty picture. The only real way to make money is to work for it.

When it comes to trading, the work is done by doing your research and making an educated decision about the company or assets before spending a dime.

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