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Fast Lane Lifestyle is a so-called “profit site” generating tool that allows users to set up affiliate websites to market goods and services. Users who purchase access to the specialized software supposedly can earn anywhere from $500 to $4500 a day in commission-based income, according to the Fast Lane Lifestyle website.

What Is Fast Lane Lifestyle?

Fast Lane Lifestyle is the product of someone calling themselves Tim Fletcher, a self-made millionaire that made his fortune online using the methods he and his team of (nameless) researchers developed themselves.

However, “Tim Fletcher” is almost certainly a pseudonym, as there's no record of anyone by that name making his fortune online in this manner.

Meanwhile, the website's registration lists the site going live in late May of 2017. The site is registered anonymously, making it impossible to determine exactly who's behind Fast Lane Lifestyle. The only thing we can say for certain, though, is that there's unlikely to be a real person with the name Tim Fletcher that's involved in such a company.

As always, if it's impossible to identify who's behind a company, it's always a good idea to think twice about becoming involved.

Fast Lane Lifestyle Product

The Fast Lane Lifestyle product, according to the scant information provided by the site itself, is some sort of automated website building software that takes care of all the nitty-gritty when it comes to setting up an affiliate website.

The program automates everything apparently, claiming to create a truly passive income for a one-time fee of $47. Fletcher claims to take only around 5% in commissions, with the rest going to the site owner.

How Fast Lane Lifestyle accomplishes these tasks – setting up websites from scratch, complete with fully populated marketing materials for some nameless product or service – is not explained in the least.

The payment processor for this product, Clickbetter, does offer an ironclad 60-day guarantee, minimizing risk when it comes to your initial purchase price. However, this only covers your initial purchase and not any additional ones in the form of upsells, of which we suspect there are many.

Fast Lane Lifestyle Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Fast Lane Lifestyle is to make up to $4500 a day from any number of affiliate “profit sites” made by the program. However, the details as to how this entire process works are vague and non-existent.

Fast Lane Lifestyle Verdict

Perhaps we're paranoid and suspicious, but we don't feel comfortable blindly jumping down a $47 rabbit hole, even if we're promised that there's a fat stack of cash at the bottom. It's hard to take such a claim seriously when the person telling you about all that money that's available doesn't tell you who they actually are.

It's also difficult to trust this person when they provide very little in the way of information as to how their product works for you.

There are simply too many unanswered questions. What products and services will you be promoting as a Fast Lane Lifestyle member? From where are these products sourced? What kinds of additional fees and upsells will you be subject to in order to do so?

Exactly how much are you going to make per sale? Will you be required to recruit others in order to maximize your profits? Who exactly is behind Fast Lane Lifestyle, and why lie about that?

Left with more questions than answers, it's clear that there are major issues with Fast Lane Lifestyle. We don't recommend it.

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