FastBTC is a website that aggregates “bitcoin faucets,” sites that purport to provide regular but minuscule amounts of the cryptocurrency for free.

What Is FastBTC?

FastBTC is unlikely to be run by a “company” so much as it is an individual attempting to generate ad revenue by funneling users through selected bitcoin faucets. The registration for the FastBTC site is done through an anonymous private registration service headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

The only clue to the identity behind FastBTC is that one of the main sections of the site redirects to, the bitcoin faucet and rotator list.

Both sites are registered through the same Moscow-based private service, and web searches indicate that the creator of posts on social media under the name “Sneep39.” Several of these posts appear to be written in Russian.

The Product

There is no actual product associated with FastBTC. Instead, the service is a “bitcoin faucet and rotator,” which provides access to working, reliable bitcoin faucets that provide small amounts of Bitcoin on a regularly set schedule.

The Opportunity

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin represent investment opportunities much in the same way that investing in the foreign exchange (Forex) markets do.

While bitcoin is not a fiat currency – it's not tied to a sovereign country's central bank – it is the preeminent cryptocurrency of the world today; each single bitcoin can be traded on online cryptourrency exchange markets for the equivalent of approximately $600-$700 USD, depending on the current rate of exchange.

Receiving even small fractions of a single bitcoin can be beneficial to anyone who wishes to begin playing the cryptocurrency markets without investing real currency into the system.

Bitcoin faucets can provide this, though the amount of bitcoin received is unlikely to be enough to enable such Forex-style trading very quickly.


From all observations, Sneep39 seems to take efforts to keep only clean and legitimate bitcoin faucets on his list. However, anyone visiting FastBTC will need to disable any ad-blocking extensions they have in their web browser, as the site relies on advertising revenue to remain profitable.

Cryptocurrency is a bit of a wild west right now, as its decentralized, anarchistic nature is part of its appeal to many.

Not being tied to a particular country and its laws represents real, palpable levels of freedom, as does the fact that bitcoin is successful enough to be exchanged into fiat currency when needed.

Investing in bitcoin in particular is likely to be an excellent long-term plan, as the price of bitcoin has risen steadily since its launch in 2008 to its current high.

However, bitcoin faucets are unlikely to be the best way to do this unless you have absolutely no money to invest in bitcoin at the current time. The amount of bitcoin you receive from a faucet is measurable in increments as small as 0.0000015 bitcoin per faucet, or sometimes even less.

Indeed, for the amount of time and energy spent visiting bitcoin faucet sites – and the danger and risk involved in visiting a site that has malware – it may be more beneficial to invest earned money in bitcoin instead.

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