Looking to find a decent high yield investment opportunity that utilizes cryptocurrency, Forex, and startups? Then look no further than FexFund. FexFund is a different kind of company that offers high returns to their members. As the homepage states very clearly, FexFund is a better way to make money.

All you have to do is to invest Bitcoins into the company and start earning money from
day 1. Unlike other sites, FexFund is a part of the Fex Trade LTD. The company uses stock exchange, Forex, startups, as well as cryptocurrency to make profits and offer the best returns on your investments as possible.

Everyone knows that the stock market, as well as digital currency, can bounce around. FexFund focuses on opportunities that yield high profit due to the exchange rate that is constantly shifting.

What Is FexFund?

According to Who.is, the site FexFund.net was registered on March 3, 2017. The registered owner is listed as Mr. George Soleos. The address listed for the registered owner is London, Great Britain.

The site also clearly shows who is in full command of the company. You will notice in the “About Us” link that there are 30 individuals that work for FexFund.

You will find a brief bio of Mr. Soleos on the site along with Steve Harrison who is listed as the “Investment Manager”. The developer is listed as Peter Posnack and the Startup Research Manager is Mrs. Judith Hollows.

Along with short biographies of who runs the company you will find an address listed in London. Plus the site offers a phone number for Great Britain. The site states that a phone number for the United States will be coming soon. You can also contact them through Skype, Facebook, and Telegram.

On top of knowing who runs the company and the site, you will also find their investment portfolio online. It is clear that this company is completely transparent and gives you every detail you need to know about them and what they do.

FexFund Products

FexFund doesn't offer any retail products or services.

FexFund Opportunity

There are two ways for you to earn with FexFund. The first is through investing your money into the system and letting it work for you. The second way is through referring people to the site.

When it comes to the referral program you can earn up to 10% depending on what your referral purchases. Granted it is a one time commission. You don't get 10% every time they make a deposit to invest. Plus, if you want to make the 10% referral bonus, you must have invested into the company yourself.

If you don't invest you can still earn the referral bonus but it will be at 5% instead of 10%. Also, you won't see your referral bonus until 48 hours have passed since your referral made their purchase.

As for the investment side of earning with this company, there are several different plans you can choose from. You have the “Starter” plan that requires an investment of at least $10. You will then earn 109% ROI after 7 days. The most you can invest in this plan is $500.

The second plan is the “Medium” plan where you will earn 6% daily for the next 20 days. A deposit of $25 to $5,000 is required but your total return is 120%. Lastly, there is the “Investor” plan which you need to invest a minimum of $50 to $50,000 in order to earn 5% daily for 30 days.

FexFund Verdict

When it comes to finding a company that you can actually make money with, FexFund is the place to be. The site has all its ducks in a row and has proof that it knows what it is doing. If you are serious about finding a high yield investment opportunity then you don’t need to look any further than FexFund.

The site offers some of the best cyber protection and focuses on earning money for their clients. There are no red flags. Everything is straight forward and spelled out. If you have any questions, there is someone available to speak to either on the phone or through email. Plus the site shows you everything up front and is completely transparent.

If investing is something that you are really into, then look into FexFund today and see what you can earn tomorrow!

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