financial education services

Financial Education Services

Financial Education Services (FES) is a company that helps people achieve a higher level of financial security. They focus on providing insight and knowledge through their financial services to their clients in a one-on-one and customized manner.

The education FES provides could be priceless and will not only relieve you of financial insecurities, but could teach you how to create the best financial plans for your future. Their ultimate goal is to teach you how to attain your truest financial capabilities –something you possibly never thought you had.


About Financial Education Services

Financial Education Services has been around for well over a decade and created several programs over time that are designed to secure your identity, current or potential assets no matter which financial category you fall under. Financial Education Services is open to anyone from moms and dads looking for financial stability to business owners who have the desire to see what business opportunities are available to them.

The Product

Financial Education Services showcases nine services that they do:

  1. Credit Restoration: Did you know that four out of five credit reports display errors and inaccuracies? Credit scores are extremely important because it can be the deal breaker (or deal maker) on large financial purchases such as loans, interest rates on credit cards or loans, and the ability to buy a car or home. FES will work on your behalf to dispute inaccuracies such as late payments foreclosures, car repossessions, or bills sent to collections and delete them off your credit report. As of April 2016, they have successfully corrected about 885,000 false classifications!
  1. FES Protection Plan: You can refer to this as the all-in-one plan that encompasses all products and services the company has to offer and includes:

*Life Insurance

*Life Lock

*MyCare Plan

*FES Travel

*RX Travel

*YFL Family Mint

*Discount Shopping

*Smart Credit

*Credit Attorney

*Credit Builder

*Credit Restoration

*Financial Lockbox

*FES Debt Zero

  1. Secured Card: If you need your credit rebuilt or need to build your new credit, getting a secured card with FES can raise your credit score. Every payment you send on time is reported to the three major credit bureaus. The First Progress Platinum MasterCard is a Secured Card that gives you a line of credit depending on how much you deposit. Approval is quick, and it is a program anyone can join across the nation — excluding AR, WI, NY, and IA.
  1. LifeLock: The service protects your identity and personal information 24/7, and checks for any unusual activity. You can see these reports each and every month, and if something were to arise, you would promptly be notified via your method of contact.
  1. MyCare Plan: This service will help you prepare your Healthcare, Powers of Attorney, Will, and Trust. If there is ever anything you do not understand along the process, you can be confident knowing there is always help available when you need it before your documents are notarized.
  1. UltraScore: If you want to know the “secret” to maximizing your credit potential from the start, UltraScore is the answer. It is a service that breaks down your credit file in English, making it easier to understand and spot inaccuracies. Both financial planning documents and payment calculators are part of the plan.
  1. Rental Kharma: Sometimes renters are left at a disadvantage even when they pay their rent on time because it is not recorded. That means there is no benefit for you in the sense the lack of record does not build your credit. Rental Kharma is a game changer for those who are in this situation and want to build their credit. You may add up to two years of previous payment history you made on time that was not recorded. There is also a thirty day guaranteed grace period.
  1. Merchant Services: If you work in a business, you may appreciate the business services and programs FES has to offer. The International Bancard will help you accept all credit card forms of payment from customers anywhere you are. That's right; it means you can travel or use it online too. You can feel safe knowing you will have data breach coverage as well as stellar customer and technical support.
  1. Smart Credit: Smart Credit allows you to access all your accounts, including your identity and credit, online in a single area. There is also a chat box open all the time where you can inquire about your account or activity if you need it. Smart Credit updates your information in real time daily.


The Opportunity

You can be a part of the team by joining FES as an agent to help others achieve financial stability. There are endless benefits if you decide to become an agent:

  • You can control how much you make and how many hours you work
  • You do not need to invest a lot of money or purchase inventory
  • Field Trainers are there to guide you and help you learn the business model and get your initial sales.
  • There are multiple levels of training available to ensure your success each step of the way
  • You earn every time you sell any service to a client and when you refer
  • Agents are eligible for up to $30,00 in Term Life Insurance

Earnings will vary and depend on the amount of dedication, ethics, and leadership skills one possesses. You can get a better understanding of how the compensation plan works by looking at the income disclosure statement.

The Verdict

In today's society we tend to overlook even ourselves because we are busy and find that we do not have the time to do certain tasks. FES provides you with valuable products that you need to have, not just want, so that bad things do not happen to you. FES is fast and efficient as well meaning there is not much energy needed on your part, so what is it that you have to lose other than a few bucks for the service? You owe it to yourself to keep track of your life and finances.

We are taught just about every subject under the sun when we go to school, but finance and management are not one of them. Many people make financial mistakes not because they choose to make them, but because they lacked the knowledge. FES truly takes the time help others make smart financial decisions. They strive to show you what steps you can do to take control of your finances. After all, it is not so much what you have; it is what you can do with it.



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