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Does the digital currency cause your head to spin? Are you wondering which cryptocurrency to invest in? There are over 180 different digital coins on the market today which you can invest in to build your portfolio. But which one do you pick?

Every investor is hoping to put their money into the next Bitcoin-like currency. After all, Bitcoin is now worth more than the price of gold and who doesn't want to have that kind of cash? However, the digital currency is a tricky field to maneuver. With so many different crypto currencies out there it is difficult to know which one to pick from. That is where Fincrypt Global comes into play.

Fincrypt Global is a site that claims to help you sort through the confusion and set you up with a currency. They do the leg work for you and pick the digital currencies that have the most potential for getting you a return on your investment.

But does Fincrypt Global live up to its promises? Can they really predict the next currency that will be like or surpass the Bitcoin?

What Is Fincrypt Global?

According to, the site was registered on June 11, 2016, and updated June 26, 2017. The site is set to private. However, on the site under the “About Us” tab, you will find Joe Williams listed as the Director and Chief visionary officer. No other name is listed in connection to Fincrypt Global.

When you do a simple search on Mr. William's you won't find anything. It is possible that Mr. William is a fictional character used simply for the purpose of giving the site a ‘contact' person. When you look into the company you will find that most of the traffic comes from India according to Alexa. Yet, the site states that it operates in “UK time”.

Fincrypt Global Product

You will find that Fincrypt Global doesn't offer any retail products. Nor will you find any services offered on the site. If you sign up as a member all you can do is promote the membership package to your recruits.

Fincrypt Global Opportunity

The site offers eight different plans for you to earn money. Each plan states that you can earn a percentage on your investment over 24 months. 24 months is 2 years which is a long time to have your money tied up into a company. However, the site promises anywhere from 180% to 250% ROI depending on which plan you sign up with.

The minimum plan, which is the “Starter” plan requires an investment of $200 for you to receive 180% return on your investment in 24 months. The most expensive package plan is the “Ultima” which requires an investment of $50,000 with a promise of 250% ROI.

Another way for you to earn is through the residual commission. This requires you to build your downline and earn a commission based on what your recruits invest. There is also the potential for earning Leadership and Performance bonuses. Of course, these bonuses are based on your downline and how much money you can get people to invest in the company.

Fincrypt Global Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that pop up when looking at Fincrypt Global site. The fact that the site doesn’t disclose who is running the show makes it hard to invest your hard earned money with. When you try to dig into who owns the site, you will come up short.

Another red flag is the fact that nearly all of the traffic that is generated for the site comes from India according to Alexa. Although the site may be in the English language, you will find a few discrepancies on the main page and sprinkled throughout the site.

It is important for you to understand that no company will ever be able to predict what cryptocurrency will be the next big hit. While the site tries to say that it can help you sort through the different currencies and pick the right one, it doesn’t really offer any sound advice. As a member, all you are doing is investing money into the company or recruiting others to do invest.

The best thing you can do is steer clear of Fincrypt Global. But, if you do decide to invest remember that any investment plan is a risk.

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