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Need Twitter analytics? Look no further than Moz’s free SEO tool, Followerwonk. This tool gives you the best Twitter analytics and is very user-friendly, a perfect representation of the Moz mantra of making the Internet a better place.

I originally found this nice tool when I was trying to divide my Twitter followers to get a better idea of what kind of people they are and how we would be able to relate and possibly know get to know one another better, preceding the creation of Twitter’s analytic platform. It's important to know who your audience is so you can gear your marketing to their needs. If you know your customer, you’ll make more money.

Let’s go through the key features:

“Search bios” lets you find and classify Twitter users based on their profile, bio, location, URL, # of followers, # following, or # of tweets.

With the Pro version, you are able to delve deeper into available Twitter information with filters including “relationship”. Here are some of Followerwonk's features that can help you out with your Twitter campaign. You'll find there is something for you in Followerwonk.

Followerwonk allows you to filter the displayed results by # of tweets, # of followers, # following, # of days since the profile was created, and the social authority that the account has. Pro users are able to press the “follow” button to follow the profiles shown and they are also able to export the results. You’re really getting your money’s worth when you invest in the Pro version, but the free version has its perks, as well.

“Compare users” is exactly what it sounds like, giving you the ability to compare up to 3 Twitter accounts by who they follow or who follows them. Like I said, the name of the feature is exactly what it is. The results are presented in a Venn diagram, making it simple to comprehend.

Reports of these comparisons can be stored and retrieved at a later date under “Followerwonk reports”. This is very handy when you need to track campaign results and online connections over time and I personally recommend that you take full advantage of this amazing feature.

“Analyze” has to be the best feature in my opinion, as it cleans up my following base occasionally and it even re-balances my ratio of # following to # of followers to raise my social authority.

This important feature divides users into a variety of psychographic groups including, but not limited to: gender, location, and Twitter activity. Adjacent to each chart shown, there are links that let you view specific accounts in each individual group. You’re able to further classify these pop-up lists of accounts by # of followers, # of tweets, etc.

The initial result generated is a map of the world that provides you with a detailed review of where your followers and those you follow are located in the world. Following that, you have a breakdown of the hourly activity of your followers and those you follow which gives you an idea of when you should be posting your content. I feel that this feature is vital to any successful Twitter campaign and highly recommend that you make the best of it.

Followerwonk works with Buffer, giving you the option to adjust when you post on Buffer.

Here, you are provided with an in-depth look at your own posting times. This perk allows for a comparison to show you if and how your tweeting activity overlaps your audience and point out vital optimizations to improve the reach of your campaign.

It doesn’t end there, keep scrolling and you’ll find an in-depth review of each Twitter user’s bio, in a nice word cloud which lets you view the words that occur the most. It’s an awesome little perk, but not vital to the analysis. It definitely has many uses as it pertains to large-scale keyword scrutinizing.

Next, you will find a breakdown of your base by social authority and another breakdown by gender. If you’re a digital marketer, the social authority breakdown is perfect for you! It provides you with important data about the extent of the connections you have and the equilibrium between your target audience and those who influence the industry.

“Track followers” is a feature exclusive to the Pro version. This highly useful gadget gives you unambiguous stats about who follows an account. It finds alterations to its social graph and shows hands-on charts which give you the ability to dissect the changes to that account’s followers and those they follow. The data is divided into followers and following and you can view it for up to 120 days preceding. This tool far outclasses Twitter’s internal analytics platform and informs you of precisely when important changes have been made in your marketing base. This is making you say, “Shut up and take my money,” right? We’re not done just yet.

“Sort followers” is also restricted for free users. Here you can sort follows & followers by name, days on Twitter, tweet count and more. You can also analyze relationships between profiles.

The good:

In my opinion, it is the pinnacle of Twitter analytics tools available. The free version enables you to get valid, exact data presented in a visually satisfying manner that can go a long way in forming a profitable Twitter campaign. The Pro version takes a step further – enabling you to get a detailed view into the profile dynamics and relationships but also for more extensive classification. As a Pro user, the possibilities have no bounds – the data is right at your fingertips, giving you a huge edge in creating a competitive plan.

The in-app follow feature is handy as well, saving you precious time and energy.

The bad:

It’s hard to find anything specifically bad about Followerwonk, however, I’d like for it to have a greater overview of all of the features provided and how they relate to one another right from the free version. Both the “Track” and “Sort” features are only available for Pro users.

As much as I love the in-app “Follow” feature, it is only available in the Pro version, but well-worth the money.

My Recommendations:

For you marketers out there, Followerwonk gives you vital information and fantastic reviewing material. It’s an amazing gadget which enables to not only find, but also connect with the influencers of industry and their extensive social networks. The “Analyze” feature is an absolute steal for those who require audience comprehension and classification, which I’d say includes most of you marketers.

In bigger marketing teams or agencies, I am confident that this Swiss Army Knife for Twitter marketing can prove to be an indispensable asset as part of Moz’s entire warehouse of marketing software. Followerwonk enables digital marketers to see the flow of their content endeavors through the proper disbursing channels, specifically Twitter.

Followerwonk can also be utilized by normal users to optimize their follower base and get a greater understanding of how to maximize their presence on Twitter. Even if you just have a personal account, this is a great way to see when you should be posting and who you should be posting to.

Just To Recap:

Confession time! In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a big fan of the products that Moz makes, and for very good reason. As for Followerwonk, I found it when Twitter data was a vital necessity and I have loved it since and stay loyal to the brand. Twitter can try as they might to create an analytics platform, but it does not compare to Followerwonk.

It’s an incredibly user-friendly and dependable source of information for Twitter audience and engagement insights, very handy in keyword research, competitive analyses, social media techniques and ROI reports.

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