Forex Entourage

Forex Entourage is an online foreign exchange market trading platform that provides several different Forex services for investors. These services include trade signals, “hands free” trading services, and access to automated trading algorithm bots. Forex Entourage also offers an affiliate referral program for additional income opportunities.

What Is Forex Entourage?

The Forex Entourage site doesn't reveal who's behind the company directly. However, it does list two addresses – one in Utah, and another in the United Kingdom.

The site's registration information reveals an owner named Sawicki Tomasz. However, he's not associated with either the Utah or UK address, instead being listed as living in France.

Meanwhile, the Better Business Bureau listing for Forex Entourage names two completely different people – Paul Romero and Pablo Romero – as Managing Member and Co-Owner respectively. There's little information on these two individuals other than that they seem to be associated with the company's Utah offices.

In other words, we don't really know who's in charge of Forex Entourage for sure. However, it does seem that Paul and Pablo Romero are the most likely candidates, though there's very little on the internet that can be used to verify their identities.

Forex Entourage Product

Forex Entourage has three different services it offers, each of which costs a different amount. Customers can also go “All In” and enroll in all three services.

  • The Forex First service provides Forex trade signals that the company claims are more than 80% accurate. The service includes access to a mobile app and live sessions. Price is $170 and then an additional $110 monthly.
  • The Forex ATM service provides so-called “hands-free” Forex trading, conducted by one of the company's traders. Price is $235 and then $175 monthly.
  • The PIP Analyzer Pro service is an automated trading algorithm that supposedly analyzes Forex markets to find high probability entries. Price is $235 and then $175 monthly.
  • Finally, going “All In,” which encompasses all three services, costs $301 and then $241 monthly.

Forex Entourage Opportunity

Forex Entourage's affiliate program also provides opportunities.

The company pays out on direct recruitment on a three-tier unilevel scheme, providing $25, $10, and $5 on direct, secondary, and tertiary recruitment respectively.

Forex Entourage also offers residual commissions by awarding “shares” through a binary compensation structure, with monthly investment activity being tallied up and then shares being awarded based on that performance.

These “shares” then determine the amount of commission-based income, with one share guaranteeing a minimum of $500 a week to 90 shares providing a minimum of $45,000 a week.

Forex Entourage Verdict

Besides the fact that there's no transparency when it comes to who owns and operates Forex Exchange and the idea that the company claims suspiciously high accuracy percentages on its trade signaling, we have some problems with Forex Entourage's compensation plan.

When we start hearing things about shares and monthly compensation schemes, this ventures into the realm of a promised ROI. This makes Forex Entourage an investment opportunity, and that means it needs to be regulated to be legal.

Since it seems like the company is located in Utah, this means Forex Entourage needs to be registered with the Securities Exchange Commission – and there's no evidence the SEC knows that Forex Entourage even exists.

Unregulated investment companies in the US are a big no-no. You have no protections or recourse if a company decides to scam you out of your money. With no investor protections, enrolling in Forex Entourage is a bad idea.

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