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Fort Ad Pays Review

Fort Ad Pays is an online marketing company. It offers members the chance to advertise their own product or business and earn revenue based on that advertising.


Fort Ad Pays Overview

The first thing one notices about Fort Ad Pays upon visiting the companyís website is that the site is entirely in Spanish. Fortunately, the site can be translated into a dozen different languages, including English, so if nothing else, you can know that the company is multicultural and welcoming to people who speak a variety of languages.

However, information about the company and its history is hard to find. The only real information on the website is a box in the bottom corner of the homepage called ìSite STATISTICS.î This tells us that the site, and presumably the company, was launched in November 2014, and that Ford Ad Pays claims to have paid out over $14 million to its users. The companyís homepage is also highlighted with a picture and caption that claims it has over 200,000 users.

Through the siteís F.A.Q. page, we learn that the owner of Fort Ad Pay is Pedro Fort Berbel, although little can be learned about him other than his connection to Fort Ad Pays. The parent company is Fort Marketing Group, which has ventures in real estate, online advertising, online shopping, sports betting, and a few other industries.


The Product

Fort Ad Pays does not sell a product, merely advertising. The company encourages businesses and individuals who sell products or services to use Fort Ad Pays as an advertising platform. Advertising with Fort Ad Pay can be done with or without revenue sharing.

The Opportunity

Once you have a sponsor who can connect you to Fort Ad Pays, youíre able to add funds to your account and purchase Ad Credit Packs. Each pack comes with advertising credits that members may use to promote their own business or product. There are several different forms of advertising available through Fort Ad Pays, including:

  • Login Ads
  • PPC Banners
  • PTC Advertisements
  • Text Ads
  • Business Directory Listing
  • Banner Ads

Purchasing advertising packs is a good way for merchandisers to gain more visitors to their own site, while at the same time participating in the revenue sharing offered by Fort Ad Pays. If you donít have a business or product to promote, you can align yourself with one of the other members and advertise their business or product in order to participate in revenue sharing.

The caveat of the revenue sharing plan is that members of Fort Ad Pays must surf through roughly eight websites off of the memberís page every day. This is how Fort Ad Pays is able to guarantee its members see an increase in visitors for their personal business venture. If members donít participate in the minimum amount of surfing, they will not be eligible to receive profit sharing.

Naturally, there is also a referral program to sponsor others to join Fort Ad Pays. Members are not obligated to sponsor others, but they can gradually earn up to 20% commission based on the amount of new affiliates they sponsor.


The Verdict

Despite some difficulty finding a substantial amount of information about Fort Ad Pays, there should be minimal concern about its legitimacy as a company. Its website has a fair amount of transparency, and the fact that the site can be read in a dozen different languages is a progressive and welcoming statement. The company also has a Facebook page with close to 20,000 likes, so itís safe to say Fort Ad Pays is not a fraudulent pyramid scheme.

That being said, thereís no guarantee a membership with Fort Ad Pays will pay off, and itís certainly not a primary method of income. High-yield investment programs like Fort Ad Pays typically take a long time and a significant investment in order to turn a substantial profit. Making your venture with the company worthwhile will also require you to continually obtain referrals and bring others into the company.

If you have some extra money at your disposal, Fort Ad Pays may be worth trying out. However, youíd be wise to avoid investing too much or stay in it too long. High-yield investment programs tend to decline over time, so unless you can gain referrals and quickly rise to the top, you may only want to join Fort Ad Pays only as a short-term experiment in multi-level marketing.

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