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Imagine gaining incredible wealth simply by watching a video. That’s what Freedom Income Formula promises. The speaker, Simon Stanley, talks about his working family’s lack of income and the issues from sharing a bedroom with his brother. He was bullied in school. His family didn’t have the large homes or pricey cars that his classmates had. He went to college and ended up in a job where his boss was cruel. He was miserable, but one simple realization changed his life. To change his life, he had to change the way he looked at his life.

The promise is that by watching the video, you’ll learn how to turn the gift you’re about to be given into cash. Video testimonials claim people who have used this program earn as much as $400,000 each month. Jack Coxill claims he’s making $500 or more a day. James Dawborn earned more than $1,000. Lily Jensen claims to have made $500,000 in six months.

What is The Freedom Income Formula?

Freedom Income Formula immediately redirects you to Click Funnels is really just a third-party that handles the payment processing. The real company behind Freedom Income Formula seems to be Surefire Publications, which is linked to Simon Stanley in the UK.

His site,, promotes Freedom Income heavily through videos and the option to hire him as a keynote speaker. is registered under the name Simon Cadwallader and has an IP address based in Provo, Utah. Whether the company is truly based in the UK is unknown.

The Product

“Free training” is the promise. No money is supposedly involved to learn the Freedom Income Formula. Per the instructions, you watch a rather lengthy video, check your email for the free gift, and get started on the road to wealth. The free gift turns out to be a free video titled “Access Your Freedom.” After watching this, you sign up for his YouTube channel to access training and podcasts. That’s all the introductory email mentions.

Simon Stanley’s program involves three key beliefs:

1. Skip hard work and turn your attention to focused work.
2. In a retail setting, it costs money to start a business. But, online businesses take little money to launch, so it’s better.
3. Money is everywhere.

The entire basis for this program is that to change your finances, you need to change your thinking process. His system involves retraining your brain to think you deserve money without having to work hard. Everything revolves around the keys of successful internet marketing. If you don’t have time to invest in building a website, getting people to sign up, and promoting your site consistently, it’s not going to work.

The Verdict

This supposedly free gift offered in by the Freedom Income Formula is not really that much of a gift. You do get three free videos. After that, you’re told to buy the Freedom Income Formula package. Instead of paying $297 for his insight on becoming rich, you get a $250 discount. Pay just $47 and get his Freedom Income Formula. This offer includes:

  • Access to a private online community
  • Access to Periscope
  • A downloadable cheat sheet
  • The F.I.F. Mindset Transformation Pack
  • Never Work Again seminars
  • Video blogs


Now, you are entitled to an unconditional 100% guarantee and can get your money back if you request a refund in 60 days. The real meat of this offer seems to be in creating your own ecommerce site and selling memberships to the videos you’ve bought from Freedom Income Formula.

Retrieve your three free videos from the Freedom Income Formula website. Be cautious, however. Panda and Malwarebytes both flagged the site as being malicious.

With the right marketing and sales techniques, there is the possibility that some will fall for this membership plan. Is it likely you’ll earn hundreds every day? Not really, especially when so much of the information provided within these three videos is easily found online for free.

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