Freedym bills itself as “the #1 resource” for training and educating online entrepreneurs. The company specializes in providing instruction on how to create recurring “continuity income” through membership and subscription site services. The company also provides networking opportunities for internet entrepreneurs through online “mastermind” sessions.

What Is Freedym?

Freedym is the creation of Ryan Lee, an internet entrepreneur that has focused on creating residual and recurring income online through the construction and maintenance of membership sites, paid newsletters, software, consumables, and more. According to the Freedym website, Lee claims he has been featured on the front page of The Wall Street journal, has been a contributor to Entrepreneur, and has written several books.

To his credit, one book Lee has written, Passion to Profits, is available on Amazon. The title has a 4.8 out of 5 rating, though this is based on only 8 reviews.

Freedym Product

Freedym is an all-in-one training and education platform, accessible over the internet, that claims to provide online marketers the tools and knowledge to create recurring income ethically and successfully. For a monthly fee of $49 – or a yearly subscription of $499 – Freedym grants its members access to a suite of resources, including:

  • All training materials
  • The $2K “Membership Site Bootcamp”, a 10-hour course that focuses on turning ideas into revenue
  • A private online mastermind group for networking with other entrepreneurs
  • A private coaching group for additional support
  • Access to any and all updates (added 2-3 times a week)
  • A 3-day digital “Freedym Bootcamp” designed to get a brand new internet entrepreneur started from scratch
  • All of the recordings from the company’s initial live FreedymFest convention, which featured more than 30 sessions

Freedym claims there are no hidden fees or upsells awaiting its members. Freedym members are welcome to cancel their memberships at any time without danger of getting re-billed.

Additionally, the Freedym platform also has free content that is accessible without being a member. This content takes the place of blog posts and articles across several different categories, from entrepreneurship, motivation, lifestyle, marketing, and others.

Freedym Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Freedym is simple and straightforward: access to a relatively inexpensive training and education platform that has the potential to educate you and provide you strategies and tactics for building your own recurring income-based online business. Other than that, there are no additional opportunities to be had.

Freedym Verdict

At first blush, Freedym stands to get lost alongside all the other internet marketer training platforms out there on the market today. However, there are some subtle but important differences that ultimately make it stand out. Chief among those is that, unlike many other “training and education” platforms out there that claim to provide you with insider knowledge of becoming an internet entrepreneur, Freedym distinguishes itself by taking a different path.

Many similar companies are, all too often, just a sales and recruitment funnel for their own product, indoctrinating its members and transforming them into affiliates who then market the same product they bought, there’s no sign of such with Freedym. In fact, there’s no affiliate program associated with Freedym at all; you can’t make money by marketing and re-selling the product itself.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. So many other companies devolve into little more than a snake eating its own tail by claiming to provide “universal” marketing training but then instead focusing on training members how to market the company itself. The ethics of this approach has always been borderline, and it may be that Freedym’s chosen approach to provide “ethical continuity income” is a deliberate choice in not providing an affiliate marketing avenue.

Regardless, Freedym looks to be a relatively inexpensive subscription-based training and education platform, geared specifically towards internet entrepreneurs who want to build reliable recurring online revenue. If this is what you’re looking for, you may wish to investigate this program further to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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