FundStream is a global investment site that is the sister site to Coinstream Limited. According to FundStream, you can earn anywhere from 10-18% return on your investment with the company.

The site goes on to say that you can continue to earn daily ROI as long as you have money in the company. The word forever is also used when describing how long you can earn with FundStream.

The promise of such a return makes this site unique. No other company will offer you the ability to keep your funds in the account and continue earning every single day. However, there are a few things about the site that seem a little off.

The site clearly states that once you make a significant deposit, your money becomes part of the company's financial assets. Another statement from the site also includes that there are no refunds issued.

Yet, once your account reaches 0.0005 BTC or more you may request a withdrawal. So is FundStream worth investing in? Or should you be looking somewhere else to deposit your money to earn a return on your investment?

What Is FundStream?

According to, was registered February 22, 2017, and updated on April 24, 2017. The site is set to private. The fact that the site is set to private is a bit interesting considering that it is a sister site of Coinstream Limited.

You would think that a sister company that is launching a new site would at least list the organization name.

FundStream Product

There are no retail products that are listed on FundStream. The site is basically an investment branch that will take your money and use it as the company sees fit.

Basically, the company will use your funds to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other mineable crypto-currencies. The only thing a member of the site really can do is promote the membership and investment opportunity.

FundStream Opportunity

The site lists two ways for a member to earn with FundStream. The first way is through investments. You can earn 10-18% return on your investment depending on how much money you deposit to be invested.

The site states that for those who invest a minimum of 0.001 BTC you can earn 10% ROI daily. Those who deposit 5.00000001 BTC you are looking at earning 12% ROI daily.

If you want to deposit more you can. The more Bitcoins you invest the higher your daily ROI will be. The most you can earn is 18% ROI with an investment of at least 60 BTC.

The site states you can also keep the account open for as long as you want and continue to earn daily for as long as you want.

The second way for you to earn is through promoting the site and getting people to sign up under you. You are then promised a referral commission based on the three levels of your downline. On the first level, you are looking at earning 7%. On the second level you can earn 2% and on the third level, you can earn 1%.

FundStream Verdict

There seem to be some serious red flags that come up when looking at this company. The first red flag is who actually runs the site. The site registration is set to private. Although you will find documentation that states that FundStream is partnered with Coinstream Limited, there are no names to connect the two companies.

The second major red flag is the how the site is registered with all these ‘security' companies. You will see a list of different protection companies listed on the site. Each one allows you to click on it and see the certification for privacy and security.

That is all fine and dandy, however, being registered is not the same thing as being regulated. There is no proof that anyone has any regulations on the site.

The third major red flag is how the site is an investment site but shows no proof or trading deals. Granted this could be because the site is so new. However, in the coming months if the site doesn't begin to show some positive trading and evidence that it is actually mining the cryptocurrency you might want to steer clear.

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