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FusionCash is an online platform that allows users to earn by completing tasks such as filling out surveys or signing up for product or service trials from 3rd parties. FusionCash also provides avenues for earning money by marketing the program and referring new members.

What Is Fusion Cash?

FusionCash has been active and in operation since 2005. Its current owner is listed as Tyler Derheim, with a Santa Cruz, California PO Box address. Derheim’s LinkedIn profile reveals that he is indeed the CEO of FusionCash and has been so for the past 12 years.

FusionCash is accredited by the Better Bureau, with a current rating of A based on customer reviews.

Fusion Cash Product

FusionCash offers a straightforward, common method for earning money: taking surveys, watching videos, and completing offers for cash back. Each action you can do through the FusionCash ecosystem earns you different amounts of money, which accrues in your account balance. Once your balance reaches a minimum of $25, you can request a payout in the form of a paper check, a direct debit, or a PayPal transfer.

Fusion Cash Opportunity

The opportunity presented by FusionCash is to made additional income from the comfort of your own home, at your computer, by doing things like filling out surveys or watching videos in your spare time. This makes it an attractive hobby for anyone looking for a way to kill some time and earn some money.

There is also an affiliate program designed to reward existing members for recruiting new ones. Members who recruit less than 100 affiliates per month earn $1 for referrals confirming their email address, $2 when a recruit finishes their first survey or offer, and $5 every time the recruit requests a payout.

For individuals who recruit more than 100 new members a month, FusionCash recommends contacting them for an advanced in-house affiliate partnership. Details are not publicly available on this affiliate program.

Fusion Cash Verdict

Using FusionCash in your spare time to earn a few extra bucks is one thing, but it’s certainly not going to get you rich. The amount of time and money you would have to sink into the system in order to earn anything even close to minimum wage is astronomical, especially since many payouts are just a few cents or a dollar or two.

In fact, there’s been plenty of complaining around the internet concerning the facility in which FusionCash members can earn rewards. Complaints include payouts that are much too low and broken links to surveys and other offers. Scuttlebutt is that while the site does pay out anyone who earns above the $25 threshold, it’s next to impossible to meet this threshold consistently.

It might be much more lucrative to act as an affiliate for FusionCash, as you’re guaranteed at least $1 to $3 for affiliates signing up and completing at least one offer. It’s not great money, but it’s good for marketers looking for additional revenue streams that likely won’t take up too much of their time or their resources.

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