Fusionbit is a digital product retailer that provides low-cost products for resale as well as an opportunity to earn commissions and residual income on sales through an affiliate marketing program.

What IsĀ Fusionbit?

There is little to no information regarding Fusionbit, its founders, or its current owner/operators. The website registrant is listed as private, making it impossible to discern the site owner.

Additionally, the Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions sections of the website are currently blank, which provides no information as well.

The only contact information provided is a telephone number which seems suspiciously like a placeholder, considering the number is listed as (123) 456-6789, and an email address.

The Product

There is little in the way of product available at FusionBit. Membership purportedly provides access to an online library of ebooks that Fusionbit claims members will be able to use as products that can be resold, but there doesn't seem to be any indication that these ebooks currently exist.

Instead, the only “true” product is to sell membership packages for Fusionbit. The Standard package is $5, while the Premium package is $25.

The Opportunity

This classic MLM scheme sees affiliates receiving commissions on any packages they sell.

Buying into the scheme at the $5 level allows you to resell that level of membership, earning a $1 commission on sales. Buying in at the $25 level allows you to resell both the $5 and the $25 packages, earning a $1 and $5 commission respectively.

Recruiting new affiliate members has a benefit in that you are entitled to residual income resulting from the sales of individuals you sponsor.

The arrangement is set up in a binary fashion, which means you receive commissions for every pair of sales you make, and then residual income for every two sales your recruits make in turn, and so on. Fusionbit claims to offer depth up to 12 levels.


There have been several reports and reviews that have labeled Fusionbit a scam. The criteria for such a classification are routinely the same:

  • There's no information about the company or who runs it
  • There is no discernible product to resell
  • The main activity seems to be recruiting individuals in a never-ending pyramid

Sadly, all of these signs point strongly to the truth: that Fusionbit may very well be a scam.

While a program such as this may work well at first for those affiliates at the top of the chain – and for those who have deep pools of prospects to pull from in search of the referred sales needed to be successful – eventually the earnings opportunities with Fusionbit will dry up once people begin to realize that the only way to make money with this program is to recruit as quickly and aggressively, and to ensure those you recruit will be able to do the same.

Once the pool of people interested in enrolling with Fusionbit is exhausted, both direct commissions and residual income will drop off to nothing, and the company will likely collapse under its own weight.

The big winners will be those at the top, while anyone who joined towards the end of the cycle will likely not see any true earnings opportunity.

Meanwhile, the last people to join before the end are just going to be out $5 or $25 with nothing to show for it, especially since Fusionbit's purported “ebook library” doesn't seem to exist or at least be accessible from casual, outside observation.

This is why it is so important to ensure the MLM opportunity you involve yourself with has a discernible product line.

Recruiting individuals for your downline is of course an important facet of any MLM business, but that must be coupled with welling products and services that have value, are in demand, and of course, actually exist.

Otherwise you're just involved in a company that's essentially a snake eating its own tail, and that only gets you so far before you swallow yourself whole and wink out of existence.

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