fx prog

FX Prog is a high-yield investment program (HYIP) with an attached affiliate recruitment scheme that is masquerading as a Forex investment opportunity, despite having no evidence that any Forex trading is taking place.

What Is FX Prog?

There’s no way of knowing who exactly is behind FX Prog. That’s because the site, while it proudly displays a UK Companies House registration complete with name and address, the name given – Adam Paul – is so generic as to be practically useless. Additionally, the address given is unlikely to be accurate as well, as it is unfortunately very easy to provide fraudulent addresses when it comes to registering new businesses with Companies House.

Meanwhile, the registration for the site itself is anonymous. In other words, we don’t know who’s behind FX Prog, whether it’s this Adam Paul character or someone else entirely.

FX Prog Product

FX Prog offers three investment plans, inviting individuals to deposit money into the company for a set ROI. FX Prog supposedly creates this wealth for its investors through Forex trading. The three investment tiers are:

  • 150% daily ROI over 15 days, $10 minimum investment
  • 125% daily ROI over 10 days, $500 minimum investment
  • 110% daily ROI over 5 days, $1000 minimum investment

All three investment tiers have a $50,000 maximum.

FX Prog Opportunity

In addition to the investment opportunity, FX Prog also has an affiliate recruitment scheme. The simple three-level referral scheme provides 7% commissions on investment amounts made by direct recruits, 2% commissions on second-level recruits, and 1% commissions on third-level recruits.

FX Prog Verdict

FX Prog doesn’t even go to any lengths to give any credence to the bald-faced lie that it’s supposedly generating ROI by playing the Forex markets. There’s not even a shred of proof provided that this is what’s happening, making it painfully obvious that the only verifiable source of income for the company is investor deposits.

Like any other HYIP, this means that FX Prog needs a constant stream of investors coming in to provide the cash needed to pay out on its three tiers of ROI. Existing investors aren’t receiving money generated by Forex trades but instead freshly deposited funds from the latest investor to come down the pike. This is, of course, why there’s a focus on recruiting new affiliates in order to bolster FX Prog’s revenue.

FX Prog isn’t going to last. Eventually its ROI obligations will be larger than the revenues it takes in from new investors – at that point, it will stop paying out. It will also likely disappear into the night, taking whatever money is still in the system with it. This is typical of how HYIPs operate. Don’t get caught up in this blatantly obvious scam if you value your money.

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