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If you are like me, you are an avid follower of Chris Jones and get very excited whenever he introduces a new money making opportunity. Generation Hero is his latest system and I am extremely pumped for it after spending the last two hours watching his webinar about it. Chris Jones has a history of introducing excellent systems to help people make money through internet marketing. I am so excited about Generation Hero that I just had to write this article so that I can inform all of you about it so you know what is on the horizon. Let’s take a look what has been revealed about Chris Jones’ newest project: Generation Hero!

What Is Generation Hero?

Some of you may not know this, but, Chris Jones actually took a hiatus from creating internet marketing programs for about two years. I am not sure if he was dealing with hardships in his life or he was trying to go into a different field. All I know is that the announcement of Generation Hero proves that he is back where he belongs and I could not be happier. I remember Chris Jones fondly from his days of being the leader of a system known as iPAS. It was an internet marketing system much like I assume Generation Hero is going to be and it made a lot of people a lot of money. Under Chris Jones’ leadership, the business flourished but soon partnered with a company that got too heavy-handed and ended up killing the business when they bought it from Chris.

Fast forward two years and Chris graces us again with a brand new business known as Generation Hero. If it is anything like his previous endeavor iPAS, it is going to be successful and help a lot of people make a lot of money. I will definitely try to get involved with Generation Hero in any way I can because I can smell the opportunity.

What You Need to Know About Generation Hero

What you need to know is that there is not much to know about Generation Hero right now. The webinar was two hours of Chris Jones talking about his past businesses and touting that he was launching something big (Generation Hero). However, the webinar did not reveal a whole lot about what Generation Hero is going to be. I am just basing my excitement and expectations on his past endeavors because I can’t see him deviating much from his past success.

I just wanted to hurry up and get this article created so that people can get ready for when more information does come out about Chris Jones’ Generation Hero. And for anybody who watched the webinar and questions if it could be a fraudulent system – trust me, Chris Jones does not roll like that. His businesses and products are always legitimate. I have had the misfortune of reviewing (and even being a victim of) some pyramid schemes and you can take it from me that nothing Chris Jones does is anything like those.

Generation Hero Verdict

Well, it is obviously too early for me to actually have a verdict about Chris Jones’ Generation Hero. It has not even been released yet and all we know is what was said in the webinar. That said, I can safely conclude that it will not be a scam or a pyramid scheme or anything like that. Whatever it is will help you make some passive income on the internet.

Stay tuned for more information because this is going to be a great system / business when Chris launches it!

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