genesis investing system

The Genesis Investing System – or just Genesis for short – is a training and education platform that teaches users how to invest in crowdfunded companies as permitted under HR 3606, a recently-implemented US securities law that makes it easier to engage in this activity than ever before.

What Is Genesis Investing System?

Genesis is a product of Crowdability, a company that provides information on equity crowdfunding activities for US investors. Crowdability was co-founded in July of 2013 by Matthew Millner, a media and technology investor with a long string of serial entrepreneurship behind him.

Crowdability, Millner, and the rest of the company staff is headquartered primarily in New York City.

Genesis Investing System Product

The core product Genesis is offering investors is a roadmap to how to engage in investment opportunities brought about by HR 3606, which is also known as the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. This particular piece of legislation eased a number of securities investment restrictions, making it much easier to invest in private startups, and to use crowdfunding tactics and strategies to do so.

Genesis provides an “Early Stage Playbook” to instruct would-be investors how to source new startups looking for investment, how to evaluate these potential investments in order to determine if they’re a good risk, how to reduce your risk further through regulatory means, and then how to physically invest funds into these startups in order to earn “massive” ROI once the company grows to the point where it goes public and holds an initial public offering (IPO).

This playbook-style course, which comprises 12 individual lessons, retails for $39. However, purchasers who accept an upsell offer at a total price of $79 receive several bonuses, including a report entitled “49 Pre-IPO Investments — With One Click,” which is designed to make it easy to invest in low-risk startups that are close to making their IPO; “How to Earn Double-Digit Returns in Private Income,” a guide to identifying and investing in private equity bonds in addition to private equity companies; the “The 60-Minute Angel Investor,” a checklist-style guide for identifying startups that have the potential to perform well in terms of investment opportunities; and two as-yet unspecified “Shark Tank” reports, which will be in-depth analytic reports on two successful private equity investment opportunities.

Genesis Investing System Opportunity

According to Genesis, Millner, and Crowdability, investing in private equity startups in ways that the JOBS Act now allows can result in massive ROI. Figures can range from 100% to 1000% in returns, based on case studies presented by Millner in the form of anecdotal testimonials.

Genesis Investing System Verdict

There’s no denying that the JOBS Act, signed into law by Barack Obama during his second term, is a real piece of legislation. There’s also no denying that it does ease a number of regulations when it comes to making private equity investments in startups, as that was one of the primary goals of the new law, all in an effort to spur investment in new businesses.

This is rather uncharted territory when it comes to investment. These types of private equity investments have been tightly regulated for more than 80 years, dating back to the founding of the Securities and Exchange Commission, something that Millner points out in his marketing material for Genesis. Investors looking to learn more about this newly-deregulated investment opportunity do need to find reputable sources of knowledge and information to invest wisely under the JOBS Act.

Is Genesis the best guide for doing so? We’re not entirely convinced, as the marketing copy is firmly aimed towards complete novices when it comes to investing. Crowdability seems more interested in attracting those who have little to no investment experience, which means the information presented in Genesis is unlikely to be useful for experienced investors that are already familiar with the financial markets.

Still, Genesis is relatively low-priced, making the risk minimal to any newbie investor. Relying on its knowledge and training in investing your own money is a risk that will need to be evaluated on a case-by-base basis.

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