gide consulting

Gide Consulting is a high-yield investment program (HYIP), supposedly made possible by binary options and Foreign exchange (Forex) trading.

What Is Gide Consulting?

Gide Consulting is supposedly an investment company with more than three years of experience in Forex and binary options trading headquartered in Panama. However, the partial address listed on the website does not have enough information to pinpoint just where in Panama the company is supposedly located.

The company CEO, who also writes the blog posts on the Gide Consulting website, is listed as Fernando Gil. We’ve been unable to verify this identity, as is a highly common one in Central and South America.

We can say that it’s unlikely that Gide Consulting has been around for three years, based on the fact that its website registration lists 2017 as its start date. This same registration is otherwise anonymous, of course, preventing us from discovering anything about the ownership of the company.

Meanwhile, the company may claim to be located in Panama but Alexa site info indicates that nearly half of its traffic comes from the United Kingdom, with the United States making up nearly as much as well. It may be that the site is truly located in one of these countries, but it’s impossible to tell for sure.

Gide Consulting Product

Gide Consulting offers five different HYIP plans to choose from, all with varying ROI and minimum deposit requirements. These plans are as follows:

  • Starter: 105% ROI, 10 day term, $20 USD minimum investment
  • Plan 1: 115% ROI, 30 day term, $100 USD minimum investment
  • Plan 2: 122% ROI, 30 day term, $500 USD minimum investment
  • Plan 3: 130% ROI, 30 day term, $1500 USD minimum investment
  • Plan 4: 156% ROI, 45 day term, $5000 USD minimum investment

All payments are made in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum.

Gide Consulting Opportunity

Unlike with most other HYIPs, it doesn’t seem that there’s an accompanying affiliate or MLM recruitment scheme associated with Gide Consulting. In fact, at this time, it appears that the only opportunities to make money with Gide Consulting are those presented by the core HYIP business model it provides to prospective members.

Gide Consulting Verdict

Gide Consulting is quite obviously a typical HYIP. This is easy to determine, as it fits most, if not all, of the average ways an HYIP tries to sell prospective members on depositing funds into the system in exchange for a promise of a high ROI: amorphous, non-verified “trading” activity going on behind the scenes, an anonymous or barely identifiable workforce, and a physical location that’s impossible to verify. The only thing missing from this mix is a recruitment scheme that pays commissions on referrals.

Why do we think that Gide Consulting is an HYIP and not a legitimate investment company? Well, besides the fact that there’s absolutely zero corroborating data on the so-called CEO of the company and there’s no way to know if this Fernando Gil actually exists, there’s absolutely no proof presented of Gide Consulting’s performance as an online trader. No Forex or binary options data is presented to prospective investors, making it essentially a case of Gide Consulting simply saying “trust us, would we lie to you?”

Sadly, most if not all HYIPs are doomed to failure because they only have one source of verifiable income – member deposits. With no evidence to the contrary, we have to assume Gide Consulting is operating under the same principle by taking the cash deposited by new investors and then using that cash to pay the promised ROI on older, existing investors.

This is why most HYIPs run recruitment campaigns as well, as the more new investment is driven, the longer the company lasts overall. However, as soon as recruitment dries up – and it almost does – everyone expecting an ROI is left high and dry, as there’s no new money coming in that can be used to pay them off.

With no recruitment scheme, Gide Consulting is likely to go belly-up quite soon as a result. It may be able to last through a few 30-day or 45-day cycles, but it’s almost inevitable that the whole program will stop paying investors very soon – and that the anonymous admins of the company will take whatever cash has been deposited into the system and take off into the night.

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