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Global Affiliate Zone is a training and education site, geared towards online marketers and prospective internet affiliate sales income earners, that purportedly provides the information and experience needed to become successful internet entrepreneurs.

The entire system supposedly trains you on how to market products and services, starting with Global Affiliate Zone memberships itself, thus teaching you how to become an affiliate for the very program you enrolled in.

What Is Global Affiliate Zone?

Global Affiliate Zone is based in Las Vegas and was founded by Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang, internet marketers that have been involved in high-level MLM companies like Empower Network as top-earning affiliates. This supposedly provides them the expertise to provide training for others looking to emulate their own success.

However, both Sherman and Jang have been criticized in the past while trying to market their own educational methods. Some of this criticism has been leveled at Global Affiliate Zone, with many detractors stating that the materials and instruction provided by the company's resources aren't as foolproof and useful as advertised.

Global Affiliate Zone Product

Global Affiliate Zone offers access to a number of training courses and materials for a $99 per month membership fee. This training, according to the Global Affiliate Zone site itself, includes live webinars and workshops, video tutorials, live events and meetups, mentorship and coaching, and access to the company's sales team and sales funnels.

In essence, while the information and knowledge imparted to anyone who subscribes to Global Affiliate Zone is supposedly transferable to any internet marketing opportunity, the training is specifically geared towards marketing Global Affiliate Zone itself to prospective members. This is part of the reason critics have had a problem with the company.

Global Affiliate Zone Opportunity

Anyone who decides to market Global Affiliate Zone as an opportunity itself has the opportunity to earn affiliate income from sales.

Affiliates who market the membership program can receive 30% commissions on the monthly $99 subscription fees paid by their direct recruits.  Affiliates must have a valid membership subscription themselves to market memberships as an affiliate.

According to the Global Affiliate Zone website, there are other, unspecified “back-end affiliate offers” as well. The information regarding these offers is not made public.

Global Affiliate Zone Verdict

While we can't speak to the quality of the education and training materials that Global Affiliate Zone provides its members, we do have a problem with the company's methodology when it comes to encouraging its members to market memberships.

Encouraging individuals to join a company that teaches you how to market that company to others feels nothing more like a snake eating its own tail.

Unless the training members receive is transferable to help market other, non-related affiliate opportunities – ones that don't feed into Global Affiliate Zone's coffers – the entire setup feels suspect as nothing more than an affiliate recruitment scheme.

We can understand wanting to subsidize the cost of your membership. At $99 a month, you would need to recruit around three individuals yourself to break even, but this puts pressure on the three new members you recruit to find at least three members of their own to turn a $99 deficit into a zero-sum gain.

This kind of setup creates a pyramid-like recruitment drive, with the base growing ever wider and more insistent on recruitment until the number of people in the population interested in enrolling in Global Affiliate Zone approaches zero.

At this point, Global Affiliate Zone has 70% of everyone's monthly payment, so they're sitting pretty. You, however, are likely to see your own commissions disappear as the bottom of the pyramid dissolves with every disgruntled affiliate dropping out of the program and cancelling their monthly subscription.

This leaves you eventually paying the full $99 a month for an affiliate opportunity that doesn't pan out.

In the end, though, there's no way of knowing how valuable the training that Global Affiliate Zone is going to be. That's dependent oh you giving it a try and seeing if it's worthwhile.

This might be a good starting point for complete newbies in the affiliate marketing game, but even then there might be better educational resources that cost less – or are even free – making Global Affiliate Zone potentially a bad deal.

We know it sounds like we're hammering plenty of nails into Global Affiliate Zone's coffin, but please keep in mind we're simply suspicious of any company that seems to have its only goal in educating its subscribers on how to entice new subscribers to join.

If you want to risk a cool $99 for a month or to in order to see if Global Affiliate Zone's worthwhile, feel free.

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