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Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0, shortened to simply GDM2 for short, is a high-yield investment program (HYIP) that promises investment opportunities through cryptocurrency trading, online marketing, and referral marketing.

What Is Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0?

GDM2 doesn’t tell you who runs the company out in the open. However, they do tell you that the “2.0” is because it’s a relaunched version of the first Global Dynamic Marketing, a now-defunct “revenue share” (read: MLM scam) that was created by Michael Sander.

Sander, who hails from Germany but now resides in Dubai, has a history of promoting MLM scams, first through his “Obtainer Online” magazine and then directly through spearheading income opportunities such as GDM2.

Meanwhile, GDM2 has already come under fire from government regulators. The Austrian Financial Market Supervisory Authority even went so far as to label GDM2 as not a regulated financial investment entity within the country, strongly recommending its citizens to not participate in this HYIP.

Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 Product

GDM2 provides opportunities to invest Bitcoin in its HYIP for periods of 120 days, with ROI depending on how much Bitcoin is invested. The different investment packages are:

  • $25 for 110% ROI ($27.50)
  • $50 for 120% ROI ($60)
  • $250 for 122% ROI ($305)
  • $500 for 125% ROI ($625)
  • $1000 for 127% ROI ($1270)
  • $2500 for 129% ROI ($3250)
  • $5000 for 132% ROI ($6600)
  • $10,000 for 135% ROI ($13,500)
  • $50,000 for 140% ROI ($70,000)
  • $250,000 for 150% ROI ($375,000)

Again, all payments are made in Bitcoin.

Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 Opportunity

Additional income earning opportunities for GDM2 members include an affiliate recruitment scheme. This plan provides bonuses under a uni-level compensation structure 10 levels deep, with personally recruited affiliates providing 2% commissions on deposited funds, levels 2 and 3 providing 4% and 2% commissions respectively, levels 4 through 6 with 0.4% commissions, and levels 7 through 10 with 0.25% commissions.

There’s also a “pool bonus,” which is sourced from 12.5% of the company’s overall investments. Members are sorted into one of six qualifying “pools” to gain access to a share of these funds; qualifying for these pools requires personally investing between $2000 and $30,000 worth in Bitcoin as well as sufficient downline activity.

Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 Verdict

GDM2 claims that its investments are powered by cryptocurrency trading. However, there’s no verifiable proof of this, which means the only true revenue generator for the company is – you guessed it – new investment recruitment. This means that you won’t get your money out of the system unless there are enough people coming in under you to allow GDM2 to afford to pay you what you’re owed. Let’s be honest – this isn’t going to be something that happens much, if at all.

You don’t need us to tell you that this particular HYIP is not going to be a winner. Even if it was being run by someone who wasn’t a serial MLM scammer like Michael Sander, GDM2 is still a terrible company, and you should not get involved.

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